Search Engine Submissions Made Easy! (Part 1)

Written by Robin Nobles

One area of search engine marketing that has changed dramatically overrepparttar years is submissions. Submitting torepparttar 128144 search engines used to be so complicated, with having to choose between manual versus software submissions, only being able to submit so many pages a day, having to be careful about oversubmitting, andrepparttar 128145 list goes on.

Submissions used to berepparttar 128146 worst part ofrepparttar 128147 search engine optimization process, at least for me.

Now, I can literally write this whole article in two words:

Pay Inclusion

Yep, there you have it. If you want to takerepparttar 128148 headache out of submissions, and, if you want to make things much easier for YOU, use pay inclusion!

It's hard for someone like me to admit how powerful pay inclusion programs are, because I've been in this "game" long enough to remember when everything was free. So, moving intorepparttar 128149 pay realm has been a difficult thing to do.

However,repparttar 128150 benefits of pay inclusion far outweighrepparttar 128151 cost.

Benefits of Pay Inclusion

* Your pages are indexed much faster than submitting through free add URL or waiting forrepparttar 128152 spiders to findrepparttar 128153 pages on their own.

* By using pay inclusion, your pages are getting outside of repparttar 128154 95%+ spam thatrepparttar 128155 engines say come through free add URL submissions.

* With pay inclusion, your pages are respidered on a very regular basis, depending onrepparttar 128156 engine. For example, Inktomi and Fast respider their pay inclusion pages every 48 hours.

* With pay inclusion, you never have to submit your pages again! As long as you continue to use pay inclusion, your pages will continue to get respidered based on each engine's schedule.

* Because your pages are respidered on a regular basis without your doing one single thing to initiate this action, you can make changes to your pages today and begin to seerepparttar 128157 results of those changes within a week. If you didn't use pay inclusion, you may not seerepparttar 128158 results ofrepparttar 128159 changes for a month or two.

* If you use pay inclusion, you're forming a "partnership" withrepparttar 128160 search engines, which I personally feel is important and very beneficial. You're now outside ofrepparttar 128161 realm ofrepparttar 128162 millions of spammers and that's exactly where you want to be.

* Most ofrepparttar 128163 pay inclusion programs offer some sort of submission reports.

* Pay inclusion programs are ideal for dynamically generated sites.

Now that we've looked atrepparttar 128164 benefits of pay inclusion, let's create an example to see how inexpensive it really is. Let's say we have a brand new Web site, and we have three main pages that we want to submit through pay inclusion.

Pay Inclusion Programs

Inktomi (Provides secondary search results to engines such as MSN and HotBot) < >


* Upon submission, your pages will make it intorepparttar 128165 Inktomi index within 72 hours, as a general rule.

* Your pages are respidered every 48 hours.

* The term ofrepparttar 128166 pay inclusion program is 12 months.

* Reporting services are included, such as verification of page acceptance; refresh reports; URL validation; and account management.

Google Chase a Worthwhile Endeavor

Written by Will Dylan

Google Chase a Worthwhile Endeavor

Pursuit of high search engine ranking has other marketing benefits

If you run an on-line business or operate a website in support of your traditional small business, you have probably desired at some time to improve your ranking in search engine results. Wouldn’t we all like to be ranked #1 in Google for a term related to our business? Of course we would. The traffic could be staggering, and your business would gain considerable exposure.

Of course it is not that easy to do, since everyone else inrepparttar world who has a website wantsrepparttar 128143 same thing. You’ve probably read articles that tell you all aboutrepparttar 128144 tips and tricks of climbingrepparttar 128145 Google ladder, and you’ve also read articles that tell you to forget about it. They say its simply too hard and will require too much effort to build your website up to that point.

In this writer’s opinion, they are both wrong. You should pursue a high ranking in Google with all of your available resources, but not necessarily withrepparttar 128146 goal of hittingrepparttar 128147 top ofrepparttar 128148 search engine mountain. You’ll see why after a quick review ofrepparttar 128149 two most commonly mentioned tips to increasing your ranking in Google.

Building Relevant Inbound Links:

When somebody else’s website links to yours, they are essentially “voting” for your website. They are telling visitors to their website that in their opinion, it would be worthwhile for them to visit your site as well, as it may be of interest to them. Google counts relevant inbound links in your favor, as they believe thatrepparttar 128150 more people willing to give your site a “vote of confidence” through a link must be an indication that your site is worthwhile. Building relevant inbound links can be accomplished through direct communication with other website owners, or throughrepparttar 128151 practice of article writing.

Articles (like this one) carry a resource box atrepparttar 128152 end that contains a link back torepparttar 128153 author’s website. If your article seems worthwhile to another business website owner, they may post it for their readers. In doing so they generate an automatic link to your site as their way of saying “thanks forrepparttar 128154 information”.

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