Search Engine Submission

Written by Larry Poch

Search Engine Submission by Larry Poch

Before submitting your site to search engines you should have some insight into, 1.. how they function. 2.. what some ofrepparttar differences are. 3.. which ones to submit to. 4.. do I need to pay for a submission?

Is it a Search Engine or a Directory?

When submitting your site to a search engine or search directory be aware that there is a difference betweenrepparttar 128148 two. Not being aware of this difference can create problems. Example, Google is a search engine and Yahoo is a directory. The basic difference betweenrepparttar 128149 two is inrepparttar 128150 wayrepparttar 128151 submission is reviewed and entered intorepparttar 128152 database index. Search Engines

Search engines are databases that use robots/spiders to crawlrepparttar 128153 Internet and index web sites. The database listing is automatically generated fromrepparttar 128154 information gathered fromrepparttar 128155 pages ofrepparttar 128156 web site. The sites may be found through random search ofrepparttar 128157 Internet or through a submission.


Directory databases are compiled from submissions and reviewed by editors, real live human beings. The editors physically reviewrepparttar 128158 submission, rate it, and catagorize it. Take great care in describing a site when submitting it to a directory. The methods used to achieve a high search engine ranking DOES NOT work when submitting to a directory.


Understanding where major search engines and directories get some of their database information from can help when it come time to submit a site. It can save a lot of time and possibly quite a few dollars.

Many major search engines and directories get their search results from third-party search providers. Some of these third-party search providers are other search engines or directories. So by reviewing who provides search results to whom may help with your submission process. Submitting to one search engine may get your site displayed in another one where you would have had to pay forrepparttar 128159 submission.


Google, most popular search engine onrepparttar 128160 Internet, provides main results to AOL Search, Netscape Search, and Yahoo (fee-based). Google usesrepparttar 128161 Open Directory for back-up results. The Open Directory also providesrepparttar 128162 directory back-up results for AOL Search, Ask Jeeves, HotBot(fee-based submission), Lycos(fee-based submission), and Netscape Search.

Needless to say, getting your site listed inrepparttar 128163 Open Directory is well worthrepparttar 128164 time spent submitting it. DMOZ (

This alphabetical list ofrepparttar 128165 major engines showsrepparttar 128166 current sources for database search results.

Good Content: The Key To Search Engine Ranking

Written by Daria Goetsch

What drives visitors to your website and keeps them there? Good content.

Content is Key

Good content is key to website promotion success. Allrepparttar bells and whistles inrepparttar 128147 world will not hold an audience like compelling information. Ask yourself: Why would a visitor stay at my website? What are they looking for? What do I have that they need? What holds them there once I've got them visiting? You have to tell your story in a way that will keep your visitors interested and coming back for more.

Get Those Visitors

The first part ofrepparttar 128148 process is getting visitors to your site through search engine promotion and other traditional marketing methods. As you increase your visibility, more visitors will come to see whatrepparttar 128149 commotion is all about.

Keep Those Visitors

The second part ofrepparttar 128150 process is keeping them there. If you provide quality information that is easy to access, you are givingrepparttar 128151 visitor what they are looking for. Don't give your visitors a reason to click away. Quality content means happy visitors, and with enough happy visitors, you become an "authority" on your topic. Having a site recognized as an authority means good ranking inrepparttar 128152 search engines.

Know Your Audience

So how do you get your visitors to stay on your site, and to return to it? First, you need to understand your audience. Who are you trying to reach? Create your pages with them in mind. Do you want to reach a narrow audience, or will you try to reach all levels of readers? Buzz words may make sense to you in your business, but will they reach your target audience? If you are a high-powered underwater basketweaving consultant, focused only on serious underwater basketweavers, you can keeprepparttar 128153 discussion on your site fairly technical. If, however, you really want to spreadrepparttar 128154 joy of underwater basketweaving to a wider audience, you may want to keeprepparttar 128155 tone more general, giving newcomers to underwater basketweavingrepparttar 128156 information they need to become as enthralled by basketweaving as you are.

Get Your Visitors Involved

So what kind of content do you need to provide for your visitors? If you have a site selling gardening books, you will have lists ofrepparttar 128157 titles you have for sale, an order form, and contact information. Everybody else selling gardening books will have these pages too. How do you rise aboverepparttar 128158 crowd? How do you stand out asrepparttar 128159 definitive gardening book website?

Write Articles

One technique that you can use to good effect is that of writing articles pertaining to your site's topic. After all, who knows more about gardening and gardening books than you? Not only does this give your visitors yet another reason to keep coming back to your site, but it also allows you to reach out beyond your site. There are many other websites out there looking for authoritative information on your topic. Find those sites and submit your articles to them. This creates a "win-win" situation:repparttar 128160 other web site gainsrepparttar 128161 benefit of your knowledge, while you are further recognized as an authority inrepparttar 128162 field. Getting a link from that site back to yours brings more visitors to your site, and increases your site's link popularity.

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