Search Engine Specialists? Maybe, Maybe Not!

Written by Chris Small

We've all seenrepparttar ads for Search Engine placement services or training courses on how to get a top 20 listing for your site. They tease and tantalize with very logical sounding theory. We read of how their research has turned up some startling new revelations about a new Search Engine algorithm . Some of them will even post testimonials from previous clients telling how well their site fared after getting a top placement from xyzplacements. Blah, blah, blah....

There is only one criteria that will prove their claims.

That isrepparttar 128212 CURRENT ranking of their own website inrepparttar 128213 various Search Engines.

There is a lot to learn onrepparttar 128214 subject. Each engine treats their rankings differently. Just because your page lists high on one Search Engine doesn't mean that it will get a good listing on a different one. In fact, quiterepparttar 128215 contrary. A Webmaster can't possibly keep up withrepparttar 128216 unending changes torepparttar 128217 ranking wars all by themselves. The services of skilled and knowledgeable Search Engine specialists have never been more important.

Just a few days ago I read what looked like a very well researched and informative article about Search Engine placements. I was excited! Finally, someone who knew whatrepparttar 128218 heck they were talking about. Of course I immediately went to her site and found even more compelling copy. WOW! Where do I sign? For only $75 I can get an 84 page report that shows me how to properly prepare my site for top 20 listings.

I was just about to placerepparttar 128219 order when a thought occurred to me. Inrepparttar 128220 article, this author talked a lot about link popularity, having other sites link back to yours. Hmmmm, might be worth a little trip torepparttar 128221 AddMe site popularity service

Search Engine Positioning Secrets

Written by Case Stevens

High search engine positioning brings traffic. That's good web site promotion! But high positioning needs careful planning prior to submission of a website to an engine. Read this before making a registration to any engine. Do website submission afterwards.

Define a niche first Ask yourself: who are my visitors, what do they read, where are they, what do they do? Try to understand your typical customer. Specify your niche as much as possible. Place yourself in a visitor's position. Find out what they are looking for.

Make a Keyword List When you're done, find words or phrases that they will probably use to find what they want. These are keywords.

Try to find phrases rather than single words. "Beginners Web Design" is more specific than "Design". When we refer to keywords, we (also) mean phrases. Make a list of them. Come up with at least 10 or 20.

Typerepparttar keywords inrepparttar 128211 searchbox of your favorite engine and enter. View every source code of top sites you find. Add keywords that aren't on your list. Come up with some others.

Expand Keyword List Go to Download WordWeb, a little Thesaurus/Dictionary. Typerepparttar 128212 keywords and add synonyms.

Visit Enter keywords to generate others. Other places to look for keywords: OK,repparttar 128213 list must contain over a hundred phrases by now.

Select Keywords Now, go to Type generic keywords (design instead of web design; design will show all possible combinations).

That results in numbers followed by keywords (representingrepparttar 128214 number of requests for that word in a month). Save results in a spreadsheet and sort them. This way you will build an important source of information you can use when developing websites. (I use Excel, but any spreadsheet will do. Make 2 columns, 1 forrepparttar 128215 generic keyword and 1 for results; sort them and make subtotals per keyword so you can find them again at sorted subtotal level.) Now select keywords that have a count between 100 and 800. (GoTo represents about 3% of all traffic, so you may expect 30 times that number for all engines.) Lower counts aren't interesting, higher counts mean way too much competition.

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