Search Engine Secrets

Written by Syd Johnson

1. Search engines read your pages fromrepparttar top down. So, you want to use your critical keywords at least once inrepparttar 128074 first paragraph on each web page. Then you can use it once in

each paragraph after that and inrepparttar 128075 last line. Userepparttar 128076 search engine keywords in your page title and inrepparttar 128077 name of your

page if possible. All of this coordination will result in a much higher placement on Google, Yahoo and many other search


2. Write shorter articles The top search engines experts believe that google gives much more weight to relatively smaller pages. The theory behind this

is that web surfers have such a short attention span that thesis length pages will be ignored; therefore, they are not useful

in search engine results.

A good guide for online articles is 300 to 600 words. Typically, you donít want to go under 200 becauserepparttar 128078 information would

probably be discarded as too short to adequately explain any topic in detail.

3. Original content works best If you are going to submit an article to an ezine or other article directories, make a few changes before you do so. Overall,

the search engines prefer fresh original content. While duplicate content gets your name out onrepparttar 128079 web and lots of incoming

5 Simple Steps to Great Search Engine Rankings

Written by Jason A. Martin

Having your website rank well inrepparttar major search engines is crucial to a successful Internet business. However,repparttar 128073 information on doing so, which abounds onrepparttar 128074 Internet, can be perceived as complex and contradictive. Many website owners end up overwhelmed by allrepparttar 128075 data and simply quit and move on to other areas of promotion. By followingrepparttar 128076 handful of steps presented in this article you will be well on your way to solid rankings.


Each webpage is its own unit, which has its own title and theme. A theme is most commonly referred to as keywords or a keyword phrase. The theme should be based onrepparttar 128077 most dominant data for that webpage. Therefore, if you have a webpage that lists ten types of coffee cups, “coffee cups” would berepparttar 128078 likely choice forrepparttar 128079 theme. However, ifrepparttar 128080 theme is too general then you should work to compact it as there will be far too many results inrepparttar 128081 search engine to contend with. Perhaps your webpage lists ten types of coffee cups which all have American symbols on them. Two ofrepparttar 128082 various possible themes would then be “American coffee cups” and “patriotic coffee cups”. To determine if a theme might be too broad, search forrepparttar 128083 theme at a popular search engine and see how many results come up. It is typical to see up to a few million results for any theme. However, one hundred million results would be extremely high and a different theme should be chosen.

Step One: The title of your webpage means a lot.

A website should never have a loose and thoughtless title. The title should be clear, compact, and related directly torepparttar 128084 main theme ofrepparttar 128085 webpage. Let us look at three title examples for a webpage that sells different types of red coffee cups.

  • Bad Title: Welcome to Joe’s!
  • Better Title: Joe’s red coffee cups.
  • Best Title: Red coffee cups.

Notice how we trimmedrepparttar 128086 title down to simplyrepparttar 128087 main theme. Inrepparttar 128088 bad example,repparttar 128089 title does nothing to describerepparttar 128090 products offered onrepparttar 128091 webpage and therefore will end up hurtingrepparttar 128092 search engine rankings for this webpage.

Step Two: Userepparttar 128093 <H1> tag.

Onrepparttar 128094 top of your webpage putrepparttar 128095 main theme in a <H1> tag. This will help establish whatrepparttar 128096 webpage is about and Google will takerepparttar 128097 data enclosed inrepparttar 128098 <H1> tag more seriously which helps boostrepparttar 128099 overall theme in its ranking algorithm. This should be atrepparttar 128100 very top ofrepparttar 128101 webpage if possible and include onlyrepparttar 128102 main theme. Using our title example above, you would insertrepparttar 128103 following on top ofrepparttar 128104 webpage: <H1>Red coffee cups</H1>

Step Three: Utilizerepparttar 128105 written word properly.

The main keyword phrase (theme) must be printed on your webpage multiple times. It must appear natural inrepparttar 128106 flow of writing and not just thrown onrepparttar 128107 webpage somewhere a few times. After massaging your keyword phrase intorepparttar 128108 copy, bold one instance, underline one instance, and italicize one instance. Again, basing this example fromrepparttar 128109 one above:

  • Bold One Instance: My name is Joe and I sell red coffee cups.
  • Italicize One Instance: Our red coffee cups ship directly to your front door.
  • Underline One Instance: Order today and receive free shipping on all red coffee cups!

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