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Written by Carl Hruza

Most people have limited knowledge when it comes to search engine ranking andrepparttar various types of services on offer. We all know that having top 10 positions on some ofrepparttar 128178 leading engines can bring allrepparttar 128179 traffic we can handle, and then some. But how do we get those top 10 listings and what should we expect to pay to get them? A simple way to approach this is to look at your competition. Do a quick search on one ofrepparttar 128180 leading engines like Google or AltaVista, using a search phrase that people might use when looking for your products or services, and see what comes back. As a basic 'rule of thumb' guide - Between 100 and 5000 puts you in a 'low competition' category. Between 5001 and 25000 puts you in a 'medium competition' category. Between 25001 and 250,000 puts you in a 'high competition' category. Over 250,000 puts you in a 'Extremely high competition' category. Here are some examples we found on AltaVista:- "detroit real estate" - 2.7M "curtain fixtures" - 817,000 "auto parts" - 130,000 "mortgage loans" - 84,000 "coin collecting" - 14,000 "wedding accessories" - 9,000 "florida vacations" - 5,000 "model railways" - 5,000 Based onrepparttar 128181 above, determinerepparttar 128182 competitiveness of your category, then researchrepparttar 128183 level of service necessary for your site. Once you have determinedrepparttar 128184 level of competition for top positions in your business category,


Written by windsong

Meta tags are useful in getting better listings inrepparttar search engines. However, not all search engines support meta tags. This means that some search engines ignore them. But include meta tags in your document forrepparttar 128177 engines that do use them. It will significantly increase your rating.

There are many, many different meta tags. The only ones you need to be concerned with arerepparttar 128178 "description" and "keyword" tags. (And "title" tag, of course.) The description tag provides a summary which appears when your page comes up on a search. Without this "description"repparttar 128179 search engine will create one. It will generally userepparttar 128180 first few lines of text atrepparttar 128181 top of your page. Meta tags are to be placed insiderepparttar 128182 head tags. Here is what your meta tags should look like:

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Search engines that read everything on your page will include alt tags and links to a banner that is atrepparttar 128183 very top of your page. This is why it is not a good idea to have a banner atrepparttar 128184 top. The beginning of your page should be a title (use keywords here) and text. The first paragraph should be heavy with keywords, but not so heavy as to make it difficult to read or understand. You want to workrepparttar 128185 keywords in so it sounds natural for them to be there.

If your site is heavy on graphics and short on text, then you need to use meta tags. Otherwise, you have very little chance to come up onrepparttar 128186 search engines. Considerrepparttar 128187 meta tags as tools that make up for a lack of text on your site. Your best option, however, is to have a site that is heavy in content and text. You will not only get a better ranking inrepparttar 128188 search engines, but you will pleaserepparttar 128189 people who visit your site. After all, isn't thisrepparttar 128190 name ofrepparttar 128191 game?

"Keywords" tags provide keywords forrepparttar 128192 search engine to associate with your page. It gives your page a chance to come up if someone is searching for one or more of your keywords. Choose your keywords carefully. Try to imagine whatrepparttar 128193 searcher will enter for their search. Do NOT use keywords that are not relevent to your site. Many people think that because "sex" is one ofrepparttar 128194 most common keywords used for a search, that it is good to include it in their keyword list. This is just another form of spam. Don't do it. You could get a lot of hate mail. Key words should always be two or more words, in other words, key phrases. If you only use single keywords you are likely to get lost inrepparttar 128195 crowd. For example, if you have a site that specializes in 'free business opportunities', list that as a keyword phrase instead of listing each word ie: free, business, opportunties. It is not likely that someone looking for 'free business opportunities' is going to type in just 'business' into their search. Can you imagine allrepparttar 128196 sites that would come up if that wererepparttar 128197 case? You would be lost inrepparttar 128198 crowd. Be specific with your keyword phrases. Put yourself inrepparttar 128199 place ofrepparttar 128200 person doingrepparttar 128201 search. What are they likely to type in as their search?

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