Search Engine Optimized (SEO) Copy – The Down and Dirty Details

Written by Jon Wuebben

Today, being onrepparttar first page for your most popular keyword phrase is like havingrepparttar 139414 most memorable prime time television commercial in 1973.

Essentially, that’s whererepparttar 139415 power of advertising is going. It’s all about Search. And Search is only going to become more important overrepparttar 139416 next ten years. If you can get on that coveted first page organically, well then, more power to you!

I know you probably have read other articles about writing SEO copy and how it relates to achieving high search rankings, there are plenty of them to go around. But some ofrepparttar 139417 articles are complicated; some are too long, others boring. Still others don’t explain that great SEO copy is rarely effective just on it’s own – in order to get those high rankings (which isrepparttar 139418 goal after all), you have to do other things too. So, we decided that what most people really needed was a “down and dirty”, easy to understand, ten step method. You ask, and we deliver. Here arerepparttar 139419 official ten steps in order:

1)Check your Competitors Who are your competitors? Do you know? If you don’t, you may want to go online and do a search for your product or service. Who is onrepparttar 139420 first two pages? That is your target. Those arerepparttar 139421 companies that you want to compete with. Because right now, they are getting your customers. Take a look at their website. Noticerepparttar 139422 copy. Analyze their business. Are they successful? What are they not doing right? Look forrepparttar 139423 holes. You’re going to meetrepparttar 139424 needs of their customers (that they are not fulfilling) so they become YOUR customers.

2)Research your Keyword Phrases Remember, Keyword Phrase research is critically important. It can also be a little tricky. Do you know what keywords or keyword phrases your customers search for when they look for you? Are you sure? See what your competitors are using. You can do this by right clicking on their home page, selecting “View Source” and then checking their keyword meta tag. Next, go on to (Now Yahoo), click on “Visitrepparttar 139425 Advertiser” section, and use their Keyword Selector Tool. Its great – and its free. You can also use, but it does cost $7.50/day.

3)Write Good Copy Now its time to start writing. Or re-writing. And if you can’t write, you can hire a website copywriter to do it for you. The bottom line is to write about benefits, not features. Don’t tell them how great your company is. They will discover that for themselves when you overwhelm them with your service and deliverrepparttar 139426 perfect product that meets their every need. Makerepparttar 139427 copy torepparttar 139428 point and snappy. Make it sure it has impact, and asksrepparttar 139429 potential customer for their business.

4) Integrate Your Keyword Phrases After you figure out which keyword phrases you want to use on your site, you need to integrate them intorepparttar 139430 copy of your site. Think Home Page and Services page asrepparttar 139431 most important pages to use them on. Essentially, you want to them to make up 5% ofrepparttar 139432 total words onrepparttar 139433 page. It’s not that hard actually. Just don’t use them all overrepparttar 139434 place like some stupid copywriters do – you could get de-listed fromrepparttar 139435 search engines. Definitely use them in your headlines and sub headlines. That will get you extra points, so to speak.

Blogging, Spamming and Blog Spam

Written by Trina L.C. Schiller

Email marketing once proved to be immensely effective, butrepparttar greedy and idiotic pollutedrepparttar 139260 well by spammingrepparttar 139261 planet with everything from weight-loss products to sexual enhancement drugs and beyond. Because ofrepparttar 139262 stench, filters and laws have been created to attempt to fixrepparttar 139263 problem, but stillrepparttar 139264 Internet is polluted with more and more junk each day. So obviously, filters and legislation are notrepparttar 139265 solution, for consumers, publishers, or marketers.

Everyone has been left scratching their heads and asking... What do I do to avoid this crap and makerepparttar 139266 Internet mine again? How do I build my business and promote it without having to deal with email? After all, what'srepparttar 139267 point in spending money on email advertising campaigns when there is no guarantee thatrepparttar 139268 emails will even reach their destination?

Enter... RSS. RSS isrepparttar 139269 perfect communication tool. It's applications far outreach those of email for marketing, publishing and personal communications. RSS isrepparttar 139270 answer to our communication woes.

Using RSS to create blogs for communicating with customers, affiliates, partners and family is far and away more effective and reliable than email ever was. As a marketing tool, it really packs a punch that email never could. The reason being is that blogs are targets for search engine spiders. They are themselves, a web presence, whereas email never was and never will be.

Just like a web page, search engine spiders hit blog pages and rank them. The difference betweenrepparttar 139271 static web page andrepparttar 139272 RSS feed is that web pages seldom update their content, RSS feeds, by design, are created to be dynamic and provide regularly updated content, in theory, depending onrepparttar 139273 blog owner of course. This promptsrepparttar 139274 search engine spiders to revisit and rerank them more often.

For writers, publishers and and anyone else with something to say, RSS has been a godsend. It has providedrepparttar 139275 answer torepparttar 139276 question of what to do now. Blogging has replaced email for those who have become frustrated with dealing withrepparttar 139277 problems of email publishing and marketing. Publishers can now get their message out to their subscribers withoutrepparttar 139278 headaches associated with sending email, or posting static pages torepparttar 139279 web. Even publishing an ezine torepparttar 139280 Internet as a web page requiredrepparttar 139281 sending of email to make readers aware ofrepparttar 139282 newest issue.

As with anything, there is a right way and a wrong way to do things, and blog publishing is no exception. Now that RSS has becomerepparttar 139283 rage for marketing purposes, several people have taken it upon themselves, inrepparttar 139284 name ofrepparttar 139285 almighty dollar, to pollute this well too. The newest rash of 'RSS tools' have created some issues of ethics and and credibility. With perhapsrepparttar 139286 honest intention of being search engine optimization tools, or an automated system for fetching content, this batch of stuff has too much potential for misuse. The result of misuse of these types of programs can be devastating. Already some of these programs have been banned from places like Google and Blogharbour because of this potential.

Programs such as these inrepparttar 139287 hands ofrepparttar 139288 inexperienced, will cause future problems for bloggers downrepparttar 139289 road. More and more pages generated using these programs will be banned, and getting banned, right out ofrepparttar 139290 gate, for a newbie, would be a sad thing indeed.

The right way to use blogging to increase your search engine presence is to publish good content. Period. Provide useful information to those who are looking for it. Become someone's trusted information provider, and you have a customer for life. Publish keyword rich articles that giverepparttar 139291 searcher what they are looking for... solutions for problems.

Publish your information regularly. Weekly is good, daily is better. Sending pings and things too often will get you blacklisted too.

And here is where networking comes in... Find content for your blog from article banks, where authors submit their work for reprint. List yourself in databases as one who accepts article submissions. Get to know other authors and publishers and share content with them. Syndicate your blogs in exchange with other bloggers. Watch your world explode with new opportunities.

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