Search Engine Optimization 101- How to Educate Your Costumer

Written by Julio Ferreira

We all know how hard it is to get through some clients’ headsrepparttar importance of a well done SEO, specially when they have a web designer onrepparttar 131736 other side trying to sellrepparttar 131737 coolest website on earth. Of course I have nothing against cool, when it’s done SEO friendly,repparttar 131738 problem is finding web designers that know what that means! Dealing straight withrepparttar 131739 costumers, I have felt that using some very straightforward analogies and patiently teachingrepparttar 131740 client inrepparttar 131741 simplest way possible, not only brings them closer to you, but makes them realizerepparttar 131742 real importance of SEO. In many instances, itrepparttar 131743 information we give them won’t berepparttar 131744 most technically accurate, but it will berepparttar 131745 easiest way for them to understand.

This is what I callrepparttar 131746 SEO 101 approach:

Having a website which is not seen is as good as having a beautiful brochure locked in a drawer. It may sound kind of obvious, butrepparttar 131747 main reason to have a web presence is so it is seen! A website can serve as a virtual brochure, where you tell your client, “Oh, byrepparttar 131748 way, visit our site…”, or it can be a virtual salesman, bringing in new business, increasing revenue, becoming a real division ofrepparttar 131749 company. As important asrepparttar 131750 beauty and “coolness” ofrepparttar 131751 site can seem,repparttar 131752 number one consideration to have is “How are people going to find my site?”. The answer is simple: 80% of all web traffic comes from search engines (i.e. Google, Yahoo, Lycos, etc.). However, this is where it gets complicated:repparttar 131753 web has an estimated 4.28 billion websites (according to Google director for search quality, Peter Norvig), and all of them want to be seen, hencerepparttar 131754 search engine’s so called spiders, mechanisms that “crawl” throughrepparttar 131755 websites reading and “ranking” them. The spiders’ task is to evaluaterepparttar 131756 site through a series of standards, andrepparttar 131757 sites that meetrepparttar 131758 highest number of these criterions will be placed higher onrepparttar 131759 search engine results.

Who is Really Making the Expired Domains Money?

Written by Ed Zivkovic

Ways To Profit with Expired Domain Names

What is an expired Domain Name?

An expired Domain Name is a Domain Name which was previously registered butrepparttar owner did not re-register it.

If a Domain Name expires, it becomes available for anyone to register.

Why are Expired Domains so Popular?

One reason is that ifrepparttar 131734 domain name itself has a lot of link popularity, it will have an established source of traffic. What this means to you is if you snap up an Expired Domain with an established source of traffic, you will have a site with instant traffic.

To prove that expired Domain Names with traffic not only exist, but exist abundantly, I will show you a site which sells Traffic from Expired Domains. That's all they do!

The site is: and they openly state whererepparttar 131735 traffic comes from - Expired Domains!

How to Locate Expired Domains

I will show you how to locate Expired Domains for Free. The money you save can be used for other things such as web hosting.

But first, just to see how all this works, check out They will charge you a monthly fee to access their database of Expired Domains.

Now go to where you can search for Deleted and Expired Domain Names for FREE.

What Program Enables an Expired Domain Name Search?

The above sites all use some kind of Script which will search for Expired Domains. These Scripts are usually written in Perl and will run on a UNIX web host which supports Perl.

There is a couple of ways to get your hands on one of these special programs.

1. Go to or and search forrepparttar 131736 term Expired Domain Name. You will get several results which contain Free and Fee scripts. Remember to try your own search terms too.

2. Go to and post a project up for bid. You will get programmers from all overrepparttar 131737 world bidding on your project.

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