Search Engine Optimization - Search Engine Friendly Domain Name

Written by Endar WS

Having your own domain name is now become so important. It is not only representing professional and credibility of your company, but it is also make your url being indexed by search engine much easier. There is another important role of domain name that being forgot by web masters. Search engine friendly domain name is influencing in search engine placement. If you do want to getrepparttar top in search engine, then name your domain with this kind of domain name: 1) Use domain name that represents prior keyword of your site. This is very important step in optimizing your web site. At least, this step has 2 positive impacts on your site: # Your domain name will be much easier to be being remembered by visitors, since your domain name represents prior keyword that they want to know. # You will have good positioning on search engine because url has it's important roles for search engines. This kind of url is also called with url-keyword. For details about url-keyword, you can read our free guidance in SEO-ing web site.

Search Engine Optimization - Create Effective Keywords and be The Champion.

Written by Endar WS

So many web masters say that if you want your web site to be seen onrepparttar top of free search engines then optimize it prior to submission to search engines. Actually,repparttar 143318 statement is not absolutely true. Getting listed onrepparttar 143319 top of free search engines is now become more and more difficult. Optimizing web page with keywords is just one ofrepparttar 143320 first steps to get higher rank on search engines. So, what isrepparttar 143321 problem? The problem is, there are too much big-competitors usingrepparttar 143322 same keywords with your keywords site. Usingrepparttar 143323 same keywords that is also being used by thousands of competitors will cause it too competitive and it does very difficult to get good positioning on search engines. I would rather userepparttar 143324 keywords with 2 hundreds of competitors without eliminating it's effectiveness than usingrepparttar 143325 keywords with thousands of competitors. It will much decrease competitors and I have much bigger possibility to get listed onrepparttar 143326 top of free search engines. The question is to determine it? OK, here'srepparttar 143327 secret: 1) Listrepparttar 143328 keywords you that want it as keywords on your site. Use keywords that describes your business only. Use 2 or 3 phrases of keywords. Why? # Using a single word of keywords affects too competitive and less generate targeted and potential visitors. In contrast, using phrases keywords will generate much targeted visitors and also decreaserepparttar 143329 number of competitors. # The statistical show, most netters type 2or 3 phrases than single word of keywords.

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