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Written by Justin

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By Justin Horth First published 13 Oct 2003 ------------------------------------------------------------ Hi,

Doesn't time fly when you're having fun?!

I'll let you in a little secret, time stands still for no man!! Especially when he's got an ezine to publish, websites to build, is moving torepparttar US in 4 weeks time, and doesn't exercise enough!!

Enough already.

How about optimising your website for a search engine? Do you know enough about that?

The best advice I've ever read came from Sumantra Roy. He publishes a nice 5 part email course that is really worth reading. The first time I read it, I couldn't wait forrepparttar 127991 next part to arrive in my inbox.

The basic idea is to make sure you optimise each page for a specific keyword phrase that is likely to be typed into a search engine, but to make sure it's not a phrase that is too popular and not give your site a chance at getting listed.

Then you will put that phrase in you html title tags and inrepparttar 127992 h1 tag and then again mentionrepparttar 127993 phrase as much as contextually possible throughoutrepparttar 127994 page.

You can also think about namingrepparttar 127995 page as yourphrase.html and even create it in a directory of your website called yourphrase.

Here's an example: I recently joined a program called morehitsmoreincome, and decided to quickly put together a mini-sales page for it.

All I did to getrepparttar 127996 text was basically copy and paste a bit of it fromrepparttar 127997 main site itself,repparttar 127998 faqs etc. then I made sure I named it as moreitsmoreincome.html

6 Quick Questions to Stop Wasting Money with SEO Companies in less than 7 minutes

Written by Rodney C. Boettger

Did you know that... everyday people just like you and me drop hundreds even thousands to companies that promise to get us torepparttar top of Google, Alta Vista and a host of other search engines?

A guaranteed top ranking inrepparttar 127990 majority of search engines is a simple task and can be accomplished for far less thanrepparttar 127991 $1295 to $3000+ that some so called Search Engine Optimization (SEO) companies ask.

Very shortly you too will knowrepparttar 127992 truth and be able to do deal more effectively with your SEO and SEO companies.

Here are two ofrepparttar 127993 biggest hypes in SEO.

First isrepparttar 127994 guaranteed 1st position hype...

Many companies tout this as a huge selling point of their SEO service. That's great. Until you readrepparttar 127995 fine print.

The fine print tells you that this guarantee is based on a pay to play basis. For all of us novices and laymen that is pay per click (PPC) advertising.

You pay a large fee torepparttar 127996 SEO company and then you pay additional money forrepparttar 127997 PPC ads.

PPC is either inrepparttar 127998 form of bidding per click such as on Google AdWords or Overture. Or paid submission to Inktomi, AltaVista, AskJeeves, etc.

Bottom line is that for enough money you can be number one on any keyword.

Yes you can pay $8.00 per click on certain words in your industry, howeverrepparttar 127999 question is do you want to and is it worth it?

The second touted benefit is keyword research. Most of this research is based on what you tellrepparttar 128000 SEO andrepparttar 128001 use of tools such as WordTracker and Overture's Inventory tool.

The keyword list is mailed or emailed to you for approval.

A huge disadvantage isrepparttar 128002 limited amount of keywords that most SEO's include in their fee (some only allow 20 words.)

Most ofrepparttar 128003 keywords are usually what all your competitors are targeting also.

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