Scuba Diving the Philippines is impressive, varied and spectacular.

Written by Brett Jankowiak

Scuba diving Philippines does not get any diverse, anywhere inrepparttar world! No matter what level of diver you are, diving Philippines has something to offer you. In fact I can just about guarantee thatrepparttar 143529 scuba diving you do inrepparttar 143530 Philippines will blow your mind and make you think twice about diving when you get home. You will literally be spoilt when diving inrepparttar 143531 Philippines.

Water Temperature.

The water temperature diving inrepparttar 143532 Philippines, is similar to diving in your warm bath at home! It is absolutely divine. A balmy 22 C to 25 C duringrepparttar 143533 cooler months of December to March and 25 C to 28 C duringrepparttar 143534 warmer months of April to November. Water temperatures like these, gives yourepparttar 143535 opportunity of diving inrepparttar 143536 comfort of lycra skin suits or 3mm wetsuits. When you are use to diving in 5mm and 7mm steamers or even dry suits, this type of diving is pure heaven.

Why Diverepparttar 143537 Philippines?

The Philippine Islands, which there are over 7,100, haverepparttar 143538 widest variety of marine life inrepparttar 143539 world. The diving here is still being discovered, it does however have a number of popular spots which are very familiar withrepparttar 143540 diving tourist and these sites are world class. Outside these popular diving locations lie thousands of unexplored scuba diving opportunities. Sincerepparttar 143541 Philippines has so many islands, with some of them not easily accessible,repparttar 143542 allure forrepparttar 143543 scuba diver inrepparttar 143544 Philippines to berepparttar 143545 first to explore an underwater reef or to discover a wreck is a real possibility.

Statistics fromrepparttar 143546 Philippine Department of Tourism indicate that scuba divers visitingrepparttar 143547 Philippine Islands, return for an average of 10 trips each. If this is not a high recommendation onrepparttar 143548 quality and health ofrepparttar 143549 scuba diving industry inrepparttar 143550 Philippines, then Iím not sure what is!

Scuba Diving Philippines - What Sort of Diving?

Philippines scuba diving has everything to satisfyrepparttar 143551 most fussy diver. All you have to do, is put your wetsuit on and put your tank together, even then there is someone there to assist you. From here it gets easier. Someone will carry your gear on and offrepparttar 143552 dive boat for you, help you put your scuba tank and gear onto your back and help you out ofrepparttar 143553 water when you have finished. Sound easy? You bet it is. Now, what type of diving should you expect? Well pretty much everything you can think of is covered.

Philippines Surfing if you want to miss the crowds.

Written by Brett Jankowiak

Philippines surfing is not quite a destination that would conjure up images of brilliant surfing breaks. Truth be told surfing inrepparttar Philippines can be fickle, but if you are after an adventure, are willing to go offrepparttar 143528 beaten track and are not afraid to try something different, then surfing inrepparttar 143529 Philippines will not disappoint you.

With 7,107 islands,repparttar 143530 roaring Pacific Ocean borderingrepparttar 143531 eastern coastline andrepparttar 143532 South China Sea onrepparttar 143533 western coastline and attracting more typhoons than most neighboring countries, Philippines surfing is alive and well. In factrepparttar 143534 Philippines are not a new surfing destination, with surfers enjoyingrepparttar 143535 waves here since at leastrepparttar 143536 sixties, maybe even earlier. Letís face it who wouldnít want a perfect left or right hander all to yourself!

Philippines surfing can be both temperamental and seasonal, it is important to know whenrepparttar 143537 best time to come is or you may be disappointed, nothing worse that a surfer without surf.
You can either surfrepparttar 143538 east coast orrepparttar 143539 west coast. The east coast probably getsrepparttar 143540 better surf.

The east coast - which isrepparttar 143541 Pacific Ocean side gets itís swell fromrepparttar 143542 monsoons, low depression tropical storms and typhoons. The first monsoon to hitrepparttar 143543 east coast isrepparttar 143544 south west monsoon which arrives in May and lasts through to about October. Philippines surfing is not that reliable even duringrepparttar 143545 monsoon. The better and more consistent surf is duringrepparttar 143546 north east monsoon orrepparttar 143547 amihan, during November to April. On top ofrepparttar 143548 monsoons throw in a typhoon or many and you can imagine that surfing inrepparttar 143549 Philippines can really pump. The typhoons usually come in fromrepparttar 143550 east of Mindanao and head in a north westerly direction hittingrepparttar 143551 southern Luzon andrepparttar 143552 islands between Luzon andrepparttar 143553 Pacific.

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