Script Mechanics—Suggestions for Writing Effective Voiceover Copy

Written by Peter Drew

As with any ofrepparttar performing arts, an effective voiceover begins with a well-crafted script. You don’t have to have many years of writing experience to create copy that is both effective and a pleasure forrepparttar 108074 voice actor to perform. Here are some ideas to consider before you put your pen to paper or fingers to keyboard.


Determinerepparttar 108075 purpose ofrepparttar 108076 ad, e.g. drive traffic to a store, produce direct response inquiries, announce a grand opening, move end-of-season merchandise, etc.

Determine who your customer is and speak to that person one to one, and, ideally, present one main idea inrepparttar 108077 copy.

Use A.I.D.A.: Attention, Interest, Desire, Action. Getrepparttar 108078 listener’s attention torepparttar 108079 ad; getrepparttar 108080 listener interested in what you’re offering; getrepparttar 108081 listener to want to take some action on your offer; giverepparttar 108082 listener a means to act and urge that action.


For a video script, userepparttar 108083 storyboard, if you have one, to guiderepparttar 108084 development ofrepparttar 108085 script. This will help you timerepparttar 108086 voice over torepparttar 108087 video’s scenes.

For audio only, where no storyboard exists, do a rough outline. This will help you create a basic logical structure before you start writing. The result will be a script that flows much better forrepparttar 108088 narrator andrepparttar 108089 intended listener.


Leave room for “verbal white space.” Just as a large block of densely printed copy is intimidating and difficult to read, a voice-over script that’s crammed with copy is difficult to follow and understand. A good rule of thumb for 30-second radio or TV copy is eight lines down (double-spaced), 10 words acrossrepparttar 108090 page. For a slower, more intimate read, go with seven lines, 10 words across. The same idea applies for a briskly paced 60-second ad: 16 lines down, 10 words across. For a slower pace, 14 lines, 10 words across. This 60-second guideline is helpful in timing long-form scripts, too. Just countrepparttar 108091 pages and you haverepparttar 108092 total number of minutes. Numbers are words, so be sure to consider them in your word count. A phone number, such as 1-860-291-9476, is eleven words. That’s more than one entire line of copy! Try spelling out numbers as words to get a good handle onrepparttar 108093 actual length of your copy. For example:

What Is Blogging?

Written by Kara Kelso & Anita DeFrank

What Is Blogging?

Blogs have been around for many years but have recently become somewhat a new ‘craze’. A Blog is short for Web Log is basically an online journal. They can be set up at little to no cost at all, and can be used for a wide variety of things. Some bloggers just blog forrepparttar fun of it, while others tend to use their blogs for business reasons.

The following are just a few ways blogs can be used:

1) Updates Keep customers/clients up to date on changes to your website. Also new product announcement and new related websites.

2) Reviews You can give opinions, advice and personal recommendations on specific products or services related to your field.

3) Personal and Business uses Blogs are a great way to keep track of your goals and plans just by open writing.

4) Stress Reliever Jot down your vents, gripes, thoughts. Some also find general writing therapeutic.

5) Search Engine Optimization Search Engines love text and content. You can also include links to your website which equal backward links which in turn equals high ranking.

6) Money Makers Yes, you can make money with your blog by providing readers with quality copy writing and a few affiliate links.

So how is a blog set up? There are several options you can choose from when starting your own blog, and a few are:

1) Using a free service such as ( ).

2) Using (or other free blog provider) with your own domain name that you can purchase through places such as Mommy’s Helper Domain & Hosting Services ( ) .

3) You can also choose a paid services such as ( ) for as little as $5.95 a month.

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