Scrapbooking Yourself as a Girl, Youth and Your College Days

Written by Fion Lim

Now that you grasprepparttar importance of scrapbooking yourself and see how it can add value to your life, you've decided to go ahead and do it.

The next question would be, "What's there to scrapbook about me? I don't have a fabulous or most interesting life like Rosanne. I didn't live my life as a grand adventure like Judy."

If you really didn't, then by all means scrapbook your life as one big adventure.

It's a matter of looking for interesting angles under allrepparttar 141436 trapped layers of self-inhibiting thoughts.

There's in fact too many themes you can scrapbook about yourself to cover in one short article like this.

So for starters, here's some tips and prompts as you scrapbook about your long ago memories as a sweet, young girl or a quiet, bookish and most serious student.

Let's go right into it!

Days as a Little Girl

"There is a garden in every childhood, an enchanted place where colors are brighter,repparttar 141437 air softer, andrepparttar 141438 morning more fragrant than ever again."
- Elizabeth Lawrence

You may have vivid recollections of your days as a young girl. Or you may just have leftover bits and pieces of vague memories of those days.

Nevertheless, it's an important part of your growing up phase and it'srepparttar 141439 foundation you built upon as you grew intorepparttar 141440 adult you are today.

So spend an afternoon or a day recalling your most lingering memories of that bygone era...

  • What's your most memorable experience as a girl?

  • Who were your role modes, heroes, mentors or favorite persons? Why?

  • What were your dreams then? Did any of your dreams come true for you?

  • What'srepparttar 141441 best advice or words of wisdom someone gifted to you?

  • What were you most proud of? Was it because of a person, thing or event?

  • What's your favorite memories of yourself as a girl? What's your outstanding traits that others remember you for?

  • Did you overcome any troubling or awkward habits? How did you get rid of them? How about embarrassing then but funny now moments?

  • Did you wish that you could transform into an adult overnight? What made you want to turn into an adult so quickly?

  • What's your favorite or best subjects at school? Did your interest make you excel in that particular subject?

  • What's your hobbies? How far did you go with your hobby? Did you carry on with them into adulthood?

  • What’srepparttar 141442 fads of your time? What's your type of music, movies, books, etc? Did you save really hard for something that you truly wanted then? Did you finally manage to get what you wanted?

  • Were you a vivacious leader or were you contented being a loyal follower? Was being in a group or team extremely important to you? Why?

  • Did you ever experience puppy love? What happened to this love? What's your views onrepparttar 141443 topic of love then?

  • How's your parents' marriage? How did their relationship colorrepparttar 141444 way you handle your own relationships now?

    Beauty of Youth and College Days

    "Youth is not a time of life; it is a state of mind; it is not a matter of rosy cheeks, red lips and supple knees; it is a matter ofrepparttar 141445 will, quality ofrepparttar 141446 imagination, vigor ofrepparttar 141447 emotions; it isrepparttar 141448 freshness ofrepparttar 141449 deep springs of life."
    - Samuel Ullman

  • Heriatge Scrapbook Album Themes

    Written by Your Family Legacy

    Creating heritage scrapbook albums, or telling your family story, can seem impossible. Oftenrepparttar difficulty may be in thinking that you have to start atrepparttar 141264 beginning, and methodically tellrepparttar 141265 whole chronology of your family. Instead, try thinking of your heritage from a theme standpoint. You can create many albums, with each centered around a specific theme as it pertains to your family. What do we mean by themes? Here are some examples.

    Military: Create a tribute album of allrepparttar 141266 men & women in your family who served inrepparttar 141267 armed forces. This can be especially moving if you have ancestors who served in early wars and family who have served in recent times. Tell a brief history of their military career with copies of service records and photos. Of great interest would be tidbits from regimental or unit histories. If available, be sure to include recollections or stories about their service. Grandpa always told about his dad living off of sweet potatoes inrepparttar 141268 farm fields duringrepparttar 141269 Civil War. This will personalizerepparttar 141270 individual to all who see your album.

    Family Recipes: How many great recipes are in your family? How many have been handed down? Preserve these wonderful dishes fromrepparttar 141271 past and present in a special recipe album. Besidesrepparttar 141272 actual recipe, things you can also include are a picture ofrepparttar 141273 dish andrepparttar 141274 person attributed with it, any traditions associated withrepparttar 141275 recipe, and peoples favorite memories surrounding it. Just as important though, be sure to leave room for your descendants to add their future favorites.

    Occupations: Create an album ofrepparttar 141276 many ways your ancestors earned their living. What were their occupations? How didrepparttar 141277 events ofrepparttar 141278 day impact them in their work? Include their picture and any memorabilia or documents. Try to describe a typical day for them based onrepparttar 141279 history ofrepparttar 141280 time, for example, what did a shoemaker, like my 2nd great grandfather, do. If your family has a business that has been around for more than one generation, this would be a wonderful history to have.

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