Scrapbooking Tips And Tricks For Photos And Images

Written by Nigel Patterson

When you're incorporating pictures of any kind into your scrapbook, why not set them off with an unusual finish? This could be an original idea for a border or frame -- or an arrangement of several items onrepparttar page to add a little drama. Here are a couple of tips that might do well for a children's album -- perhaps a keepsake baby scrapbook, or just a page for a boy or girl.

Adding Dimension To Your Photos

One good way to add dimension to images is to use double stick foam squares. These are pieces of double stick foam tape that literally allow items to pop out at your reader adding realism to items. This trick is especially useful in children's art and educational scrapbooks.

Simply cutrepparttar 143091 foam tape into whatever shape and size you want. Then, attach to shape onto your scrapbook page. These 3D foam squares are available from most craft suppliers.

Pop Up Windows To Enhance Baby Scrapbooks

Everyone who has ever read with children knows how much they love pop-up books. And very young children adore those books in which they 'liftrepparttar 143092 flap' to find what's hidden inrepparttar 143093 picture underneath. So why not build some pop up windows into your baby boy or girl scrapbook?!

The History of Clay Poker Chips

Written by Dani Martin

Forrepparttar last 75 years, clay chips have not actually been constructed out of pure clay. Actual clay chips were used inrepparttar 142849 United States duringrepparttar 142850 late 1800's; however, these easily broken chips were quickly replaced by clay filled composites that provided much greater durability and security.

Inrepparttar 142851 early part ofrepparttar 142852 1900ís chips were commonly molded from Plaskon, an ureaformaldehyde molding compound. Inrepparttar 142853 1930ís die cut metal foil was applied torepparttar 142854 chips to give unique identity and added security. Bugsy Siegel openedrepparttar 142855 Flamingo Casino with these chips. tells us thatrepparttar 142856 1950ís saw most

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