Scrapbooking Resources on the Internet

Written by Kathy Brewis

I must admit right offrepparttar bat that I am not a scrap booking enthusiast. I do, however, have a sister-in-law that is a die-hard scrap book fan. If ever there was a fan club for scrap booking, my sister-in-law would berepparttar 136414 leader.

I do however work in a public library where I have access to tons of information on a variety of sources including scrap booking. Being that I work atrepparttar 136415 library I userepparttar 136416 internet a lot to research for information. I also do this on a personal level as well. Upon doing research onrepparttar 136417 internet, I have a variety of resources onrepparttar 136418 internet that will help every scrap booking enthusiast. Let’s begin.

www.scrapbooking.comThis site provides almost anything that you might need for scrap booking. From contests to demonstrating new techniques, it is pure heaven for that scrap booker in your life.

www.scrapjazz.comThis site has a layout gallery full of different layouts that you can try. It also hosts different contests for those who want to show off their handiwork. You can also subscribe to newsletters, which would be sent to your email box on a regular basis.

For the Birds

Written by Judi Hunter

Decorative and elaborate or simple and functional, birdfeeders and birdhouses are lovingly coveted by many people (and birds)!

The collector seeking a new piece forrepparttar den or study need only consider personal taste and aesthetics- many who enjoyrepparttar 136267 careful art and craftsmanship of a beautiful birdhouse or feeder would never think of placing their precious gift outside inrepparttar 136268 rain and other elements.

The serious or novice birder, onrepparttar 136269 other hand, has just a bit more to consider. With a minimal amount of work and some forethought, anyone interested can enjoy observing and identifying birds from their own urban or rural yards or decks throughoutrepparttar 136270 entire year. It is possible to attract up to one hundred different species of birds to a yard withrepparttar 136271 careful placing of just a few feeders and houses!

While any type of birdfeeder or house will prove itself a delightful addition to your landscape, you should ask yourself just a few questions to guarantee that your bird-attracting efforts are successful for both you andrepparttar 136272 birds. When choosingrepparttar 136273 type of feeder or house you need or want, you should considerrepparttar 136274 following:

Are you trying to attract a wide variety of birds or a specific type of bird? How often do you want to clean and refillrepparttar 136275 feeder? Do you want to seerepparttar 136276 bird close-up from a window or would you rather lessenrepparttar 136277 possibilities of window strikes? Are you ok with starlings and jays that like to perch and can dominate a feeder, or are you trying to attract strictly smaller clinging birds like chickadees and nuthatches? Further considerations include pests (squirrels…) and predators (housecats…).

This may all seem like a lot, but really, there are many resources at your local library, bookstore or onrepparttar 136278 internet that are not only interesting, inspiring and fun to read but will help you answer these questions in hardly any time at all.

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