Scrabble Tips: That scary Q.

Written by Marty Rubenski

For many playersrepparttar letter Q isrepparttar 142055 scariest unless you happen to have a U.

Ther are actually several words that do contain Q without a U, although to be fair these are all of non English origin. Still if itís inrepparttar 142056 dictionary it counts, right?

Memorize these few words for a distinct Scrabble advantage.

Since these are difficult to spell, let alone pronounce, I've included definitions to help memorization.

QAT: A shrub (Catha edulis) cultivated inrepparttar 142057 Middle East for its leaves that are a stimulant when chewed or brewed as tea.

QOPH: The 19th letter ofrepparttar 142058 Hebrew alphabet.

QAID: A Muslim leader.

QINTAR: A coin formerly used in Albania and worth one one-hundredth of a lek.

FAQIR: Muslim or Hindu mendicant monk who is regarded as a holy man.

SHEQEL and SHEQELIM are both Israel currency.

The Psychology Of Success

Written by Kevin Quigley

The Psychology Of Success by Kevin Quigley.

Everybody has a dream. A fantasy, if you like. Usually it takesrepparttar form of something we would like to have, or something we would like to happen to us. How we respond to this dream will decide whether we are successful, or whether we remain as we are.

We could continue to dream and say 'If only...', knowing that we will never see our dream come true. In this case our dream becomes a SUBSTITUTE for action. Or we can act on our dream and try to make it happen. In this case our dream becomes a MODEL for our action.

I think we all have a dream. Be a millionaire, own a nice home inrepparttar 141965 country, own a Rolls Royce, whatever... That dream will only remain a dream for as long as we let it. In most cases this is forever.

Many people think that a dream is just a pleasant fantasy. Well, it can be. Butrepparttar 141966 most important aspect of a dream is that it is a signal for action. The most incredible succ*ess stories all began with a dream. A dream is a goal for us to achieve a purpose in life - a destination.

That last point is very important. A goal is essential if you are to achieve great wealth. And it is important that you focus on a specific goal in your dream. It is no good saying that you want to be rich. This is not specific enough. That would be like going to a bank and asking for plenty of money!

To set an effective goal it must be a specific one. Your ultimate goal will be reached via many smaller, short-term 'goals'. Remember, a goal is a destination, and you can't get there if you don't know where you're going.

The Power Of Desire

Once you know what you want, you must then imagine what life would be like when you have it. If you want to be a millionaire, think of how you would spend your free time, andrepparttar 141967 luxuries you would enjoy. This brings into playrepparttar 141968 power of desire. This is an enormously strong emotion. When we desire, we tend to make more positive attempts to obtainrepparttar 141969 object of our craving.

Buy a small note book and write about a typical day (or day off!) when you are we*althy. Imagine what you would be able to do withrepparttar 141970 increased spending power. Write down everything that you would like to do, givenrepparttar 141971 chance. Be as explicit as you like, and write it as vividly as you can.

When you have finished, read it back to yourself. What does it do to you? Can you feel yourself aching to be able to live life that way? Does it make you really jealous of those who are enjoying that sort of life? If it does, then well done. You have just created desire. If you have done it well enough, you should want that life so much that it hurts!

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