Scottish Terrier Dogs - Important Facts

Written by Jeff Cuckson

Scottish Terriers are short-legged dogs, at a height of ten to eleven inches, comparatively heavy-boned, yet deceivingly trim. They are agile and sporty pets. Moreover, their intelligence, playfulness and loyalty make them popular pets.

Historically, they wererepparttar first standard for their breed, back in 1880. So even today, when someone says Terrier, what comes to mind isrepparttar 146665 Scottish Terrier.

This breed originated in Scotland and is ubiquitously recognized as an icon ofrepparttar 146666 Scottish Culture. Still, even if they have long history, it was only inrepparttar 146667 1800s, that their history began to be recorded. Many Scottish Terrier owners insist that all other terriers share a common ancestor inrepparttar 146668 Scottish Terrier dog.

They were originally bred to hunt foxes and badgers. Although for many Americans, their first sight of a Scottish Terrier was through President Rooseveltís pet, Fala, this breed had been inrepparttar 146669 country sincerepparttar 146670 late 18th century. In fact,repparttar 146671 first registered Scottie America was ''Dake'' born Sept. 15, 1884.

Physicallyrepparttar 146672 average Scottish Terrier weighs 19-23 pounds in adulthood and lives a life span of 12-15 years. They come in most any shades and colors such as black, wheaten, or brown. They donít shed a lot of hair. Ideally, you should comb and evenly trim his coat regularly to keeprepparttar 146673 coat neat and shiny.

How does one take good care of a Scottish Terrier dog? Not to worry, they may be sporty; yet donít require a lot of exercise. You can keep your Scottish Terrier dog indoors, provided you ensure it gets sufficient walking exercises duringrepparttar 146674 day. If you have a small yard, and it is well secured, then let your dog loose. Heíll be sure to get his optimum requirement by playing inrepparttar 146675 yard. As pets, they are better pets for older and more mature children.

Are Your Fish Sick?

Written by Lee Dobbins

Keeping a fish tank is a wonderful and relaxing hobby, but it can turn stressful if your fish start to die off. The most common cause of fish disease is poor water quality so it is vital that you perform regular maintenance onrepparttar tank, making sure you do a partial water change periodically and clean out any waste or uneaten food so it does not decay and poisonrepparttar 146664 water.

Many fish disease can be halted if you provide treatment as soon as you see any signs of your fish being sick. Therefore, it is important that you monitor your fish each day to see if there are any signs of illness.

Some common symptoms of disease are listed below.

White dots Ė sometimes fuzzy looking, almost like grains of salt on your fish. This disease is called Ichthyophthirius), or simply Ich. It is a rather common disease and is caused by poor water quality or can effect your fish when itís immune system is not functioning up to par due to stress. It can be treated easily if you catch it in time. There is a special solution you can buy atrepparttar 146665 pet store to medicate your tank and, hopefully, get rid of this problem.

Gray patches onrepparttar 146666 skin, looks cottony and can be aroundrepparttar 146667 gills. This is a fungus also caused by excess fish waste and food decaying inrepparttar 146668 bottom ofrepparttar 146669 tank. You can buy treatment for it and it should clear up easily unless you have let it go too far. Inrepparttar 146670 future remember to cleanrepparttar 146671 tank each week so you do not have a reoccurrence.

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