Score BIG with the search engines - Maximising your site's potential

Written by Steve Ashton

I often get asked, "How do I improve my site's performance inrepparttar search engine's." or "I have a small budget, how can I compete withrepparttar 128264 larger sites." It can seem daunting when you type in your key search term and you see Google returning 200,000 results! Overrepparttar 128265 course of this article I am going to teach you some techniques that you can use to improve your sites ranking inrepparttar 128266 major search engines. These are not in any particular order but you should try and cover all of these if you want to perform well.

Good content with your keywords

Most people userepparttar 128267 internet to gather information, so accordingly,repparttar 128268 search engines put a premium on good content. If you wantrepparttar 128269 search engines to really start appreciating your site, you need to have lots of good, and more importantly, fresh content. Update your site regularly with new articles, news stories etc. Then make sure you promote this new content. Submit these articles to other websites with a teaser that then links back to your website. If you can get "authority" sites to link to your articles this will raise your sites profile inrepparttar 128270 eyes ofrepparttar 128271 search engine.

Clean up your code

This is one step that is often over looked but it is more important that many people realize. The neater your html code is,repparttar 128272 easier it is forrepparttar 128273 spiders to crawl through your site and therefore,repparttar 128274 more willing they are to search for your links and crawl through those pages as well. The more pages you have indexed,repparttar 128275 more chances you have of attracting someone to your site.

How do I go about cleaning up my code I hear you ask? There are some simple things you can do to quickly improverepparttar 128276 readability of your code.

  • Put all JavaScript code in a separate .js file and include it inrepparttar 128277 header of your page.

  • Use .css style sheets for all formatting and as much ofrepparttar 128278 page layout as possible. This step alone will halfrepparttar 128279 amount of code in your pages. Most ofrepparttar 128280 code in an html document is table alignment code. If you are not yet familiar then you can find some good tutorials here.
Optimize for your keywords

Site down with a sheet of paper and write down a list of 20 keyword phrases that define what your site is about. These will berepparttar 128281 phrases that you will want your visitors to be searching for to get to your site. Once you have your list then try and integrate as many of these phrases into your website copy as possible. Make sure however thatrepparttar 128282 readability of a site's content is not compromised as this will often be seen as spam. Try and use these keywords in your title's and inrepparttar 128283 first couple of paragraphs as this isrepparttar 128284 part ofrepparttar 128285 pagerepparttar 128286 search engine will payrepparttar 128287 most attention to.

ďIf RSS is the Yahoo backdoor, is a Blog Googleís?Ē

Written by Tinu Abayomi-Paul

Thoughrepparttar answer is in a book I wrote this July,repparttar 128263 question is still asked of me repeatedly. Why does it work for some sites and not others? And how come some blogs get indexed in a day and then are dropped, and others stay in Google indefinitely?

Well, letís take one question at a time. The answer to whether you can blog your way into Google search results is yes, sometimes in six weeks, often in 24 hours.

Yes, you read right, in less than 24 hours. Under certain conditions,repparttar 128264 search engines actually want you to succeed at this.

Iím aware that these statements may cause some controversy, but that wonít make them any less factual. Since September, Google has been set up to show you proof of this, which weíll go over in part two. My new blog has been spidered daily sincerepparttar 128265 day it was created.

Not only is this possible with your blog,repparttar 128266 way that blogs are set up make them one ofrepparttar 128267 most conducive web site mediums to attract more traffic from multiple sources quickly. The trick to getting this to work for you, is in understanding which conditions have to be met first.

And weíll come back to that shortly. First letís talk about whatís typically wrong withrepparttar 128268 process most people take to get their sites listed.

Most people submit their sites to Google and wait six to eight weeks to see if they were included. Other people know thatrepparttar 128269 fastest way to be spidered is to leave your link at a site that is already getting spidered.

But even among those people, when they donít see their site in Google exactlyrepparttar 128270 way theyíd like, they give up, and say it didnít work.

So what went wrong?

The place thatrepparttar 128271 majority of people go wrong is in trying to trickrepparttar 128272 Googlebot into thinking their site matches its standards for inclusion for their desired high traffic keyword, instead of aligning themselves withrepparttar 128273 purpose thatrepparttar 128274 search engine fills.

You may think that if you study allrepparttar 128275 search engine tricks, youíll haverepparttar 128276 traffic fromrepparttar 128277 search engines and it will then follow that yours will berepparttar 128278 site people come to forrepparttar 128279 keyword they want, which in turn, will get 1% of those people to buy whatís at your site.

If you think that, Iím not here to tell you that youíre wrong - sometimes that works. Iím just saying that there are other easier, faster, less expensive ways. Some of them only have subtle differences fromrepparttar 128280 way you know.

The truth is, even if we could somehow reverse engineerrepparttar 128281 secret Google algorithm, it periodically changes. So mastering that system would be temporary, even if you could do it.

Did you know that you donít even needrepparttar 128282 traffic for your most desired keyword to be successful? You just need some targeted traffic that converts well. Some ofrepparttar 128283 most financially successful sites generate amazing profits inrepparttar 128284 tens or hundreds of thousands with a few hundred or thousand visitors every month.

The method I most suggest torepparttar 128285 kind of search engine results that can power those kinds of sales, is aligning your site withrepparttar 128286 purposerepparttar 128287 search engine wants to fill. It is faster, more effective and involves far less effort.

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