Scientists Declaration about The Holy Quran and Islam-Yushidi Kusan

Written by Yushidi Kusan

Sheikh cAbdul-Majeed A. Zindanī presented a number of Qur'ānic verses describingrepparttar beginnings ofrepparttar 127679 universe and ofrepparttar 127680 heavens, andrepparttar 127681 relationship ofrepparttar 127682 earth torepparttar 127683 heavens. He expressed his astonishment, saying thatrepparttar 127684 Qur'ān describesrepparttar 127685 universe as seen fromrepparttar 127686 highest observation point, everything is distinct and clear.

"I say, I am very much impressed by finding true astronomical facts in

Expanding of Cosmos

Written by Mohammad Ali Abid

Before 7929 it was thought that fallacies or bit in haphazard manner seinilar to movement ofrepparttar molecules of gazes however in 1929 ascintific break though turned this assumption up side down Hable discovered that these millions of phalanxes are gaudily distancing themselves from each other This process of distancing is getting accom plaited in great speed which some times is equal to a fraction ofrepparttar 127678 speed of light Even those fallacies which are near to mear to our glassy (Milk way) withrepparttar 127679 exception of Andromida, are in contentions process of expansion.This means thatrepparttar 127680 size ofrepparttar 127681 cosmos is in con tenuous expansion . Allah says “Andrepparttar 127682 sky we have created by hands we will enuzde As we know light is formed of seven different colors Each color has awe which has aseptic length vibration .The shortest awerepparttar 127683 blue light hasrepparttar 127684 highest vibration whereasrepparttar 127685 red light hasrepparttar 127686 longest awe but it hasrepparttar 127687 lowest vibration When Hable analyzedrepparttar 127688 light which comes fromrepparttar 127689 galaxies he has studied he found that in all studied cases, withrepparttar 127690 exception

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