Scientific Advertising Will Help Turn Gambles Into Profits

Written by Gauher Chaudhry

Scientific Advertising Will Help Turn Gambles Into Profits Copyright 2000 Gauher Chaudhry, All Rights Reserved.

Advertising is one ofrepparttar key factors to running a successful business. Most people assume that advertising is a gamble. Either a certain method will work or it won't.

People do not realize that by testing your advertising campaigns, you can actually turn this gamble into a science!

When you learnrepparttar 101196 correct procedures to successful advertising, you will be able to controlrepparttar 101197 risks.

Testing isrepparttar 101198 key to success. I can hear allrepparttar 101199 moans and groans from you folks, "I don't have time to test" or "it is too hard and complicated."

By simply testing your advertisements, you could possible DOUBLE or TRIPLE your profits overnight! Do you have time to do that? Is that too hard and complicated for you?"

You need to track whererepparttar 101200 responses to your ads are coming from. If you take outrepparttar 101201 same ad in two different magazines and userepparttar 101202 same URL orrepparttar 101203 same email address, how will you be able to tell which ad producedrepparttar 101204 greater response?

The first magazine could have pulled 98% ofrepparttar 101205 response that you received, whilerepparttar 101206 second magazine may have only pulledrepparttar 101207 remaining 2%. How would you know this if you do not test?

When testing which places work best for your ads, you should use unique email addresses and URLS. You can write your URL like this:

It will still takerepparttar 101208 advertiser torepparttar 101209 main site, but when you check your server logs, you will be able to see how many hits "ad1" actually received.

Testing will help you decide how best to allocate your money. Learn which ad mediums work best for your product or service and then spend your money in those mediums.

There are numerous things that you should test in your ad. The first and most important thing to test in your ad isrepparttar 101210 headline. Your headline will almost single-handedly decide whetherrepparttar 101211 potential customer will continue to read your ad and ultimately purchase your product or service.

If you can test which headline worksrepparttar 101212 best, you will be able to get possibly thousands of more people to actually readrepparttar 101213 entire advertisement.

Banners that get clicked

Written by Jamey Causey

People always want to know how we create banners that consistently get good click through ratios - or more accurately whyrepparttar banner that they created, isn't bringing inrepparttar 101195 hits - so we decided to create this primer.

The most important thing:

You have to grabrepparttar 101196 viewer's attention and grab it fast, in less than 20 seconds by most accounts. This means having a banner that loads fast, if it takes 20 seconds to load it's wasted.

With this in mind you'll want to keep your banners file size down to a minimum. It takes some experience to be able to produce a high quality banner with a low file size. This also means that, for whatever reason,repparttar 101197 viewer has to noticerepparttar 101198 banner. How many times have you clicked on a banner? How many times have you surfed and been oblivious to banners. Why did you click onrepparttar 101199 banners that you have clicked on?


A recent ZDNet article indicated that a study concluded animated ads have a 18-40% higher click-through rates compared with static ones. Animated banners tend to get noticed more and therefore stand better chances of being clicked, and while this isrepparttar 101200 objective you have to keep in mind thatrepparttar 101201 banner also says something about who you are. Sometimes there is a very fine line between effective and obnoxious.

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