School Fundraisers - How To Raise Twice The Money With Half The Sweat

Written by Travis Sago

If your members, parents or donors wear clothes, watch t.v. or read books you haverepparttar beginning ingredients to a sweet recipe for a great year-round school fundraiser.

How so?

By taking advantage of what's known as an affiliate program or in more common lingo - partnering.

How would you like to partner your school withrepparttar 145271 bohemoth Blockbuster? Disney? or evenrepparttar 145272 giant Wal-mart? Your school would receive a commission or fee for every paying customer you sent their way. No products to deliver, cakes to bake or cars to wash. In short none ofrepparttar 145273 headaches of traditional school fundraisers.

It's easy to do, it's free, and is earning a lot of private individuals inrepparttar 145274 know a mountain of money.

Here's how it might work for your school: You partner with by filling out a simple form and setting up an account where your checks will be sent. And then let's put a link up on your school website to that is linked to your affiliate account.

Now what if you told your donors, church members or other friends of your cause that they could get great books, gifts, cd's and videos through your site and help your school with its funding needs atrepparttar 145275 same time? Do you think you'd have any takers? I think you might have a lot!

Now may or may not be a match for you. But...the good news is there are literally thousands of affiliate programs, many of which are bound to fit your school like a glove and make a smashingly successful school fundraiser.

Maybe you would like to get involved with something to do with could partner with PetSmart or PetMeds. Would you like to do something related to kids?...lots of great programs, like Ident-A-Kid, to keep kids safe. Of course try to match your affiliate programs to interests that many of your donors share.

Save Time and Money by Drop-Shipping, Prepared Lists Really Help

Written by Vinodh Pushparaj

Save Time and Money by Drop-Shipping, Prepared Lists Really Help By Vinodh Pushparaj

This isrepparttar age ofrepparttar 145270 Internet entrepreneurs. You see millions and millions flock torepparttar 145271 Internet each day. They easily understandrepparttar 145272 business potential andrepparttar 145273 low bar in starting a business website. They jump directly without much thought or research, contact one or two product sellers and open shop as resellers ofrepparttar 145274 items. A very few succeed owing their success to previous experience or contacts they have. Many of them just fall intorepparttar 145275 bottomless pit of waiting forrepparttar 145276 orders spending money on pointless traffic sources. Nearly half of them finally figure out a way to grabrepparttar 145277 attention ofrepparttar 145278 customer and finally manage to entice them to buy their products. There inrepparttar 145279 problem starts. They now have to figure outrepparttar 145280 best way to shiprepparttar 145281 item. Unprepared, they initially end up paying forrepparttar 145282 shipping and handling out of pocket forrepparttar 145283 first 10 orders. Tell me I am wrong,repparttar 145284 author is a fine good example of this. If only we could present articles like this to them before they blindly start their journey torepparttar 145285 bottomless pit?

The good concept that allowsrepparttar 145286 home based entrepreneurs to try out various business methods without holding any inventory is called Drop Shipping. There are tons companies who offer drop shipping of their products. It is a win-win for them. Inrepparttar 145287 reseller marketrepparttar 145288 product manufacturer doesn't know whorepparttar 145289 customer is. In drop shipping they get first hand information of whorepparttar 145290 customers are and also find good sales folks for free. The web business owner who signs up forrepparttar 145291 drop shipping also wins. If they are new torepparttar 145292 business they don't have to worry about shipping and handling. They need not worry about maintaining inventory. The established business owners know how difficult it is to manage inventory. The countless software and business intelligence products inrepparttar 145293 Inventory management tellrepparttar 145294 story aboutrepparttar 145295 nightmarish Inventory management. The best thing forrepparttar 145296 new business owners to do is signup forrepparttar 145297 dropshipping and letrepparttar 145298 pros take care ofrepparttar 145299 delivery. Once they understand how things are done they can increase their revenue by starting to manage inventory in addition to signing up for drop shipping. Slowly you can finally manage to become a complete distributor or may be become a value added reseller.

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