School Bullying: Hit 'Em Where It Hurts!

Written by Paula McCoach

School Bullies: Hit ‘Em Where It Hurts! by Paula McCoach

School bullies never seem to stop! Sometimes you have to "hit ‘em where it hurts" as we say!

So you have made a dent inrepparttar bullying at your school! Congrats.

But, you still have a hard core of 5-10% ofrepparttar 143385 bullies that you are trying to reach.

Most schools have special events. One effective way to subdue bullies for a short time at least is to bar them from special events if their bullying behavior does not improve.

Field trips are a common event. Bullies love field trips because there is unstructured time where they can do their thing. Bullies can be easily eliminated from field trips or, worse yet, their parents can be required to attendrepparttar 143386 trip with them.

And, oftentimes their parents bully them!

Bullies should be removed from special assemblies, especially end-of-the year assemblies that are fun and rewarding forrepparttar 143387 students. I feel that in this situation,repparttar 143388 students who have earned awards and behaved well all year, deserve a nice assembly where bullies are not harassing them.

Bullies should not be allowed to attend Field Day where students are celebratingrepparttar 143389 end ofrepparttar 143390 year and having fun. Again, this is an unstructured situation where they can do some damage, andrepparttar 143391 other kids deserve to have some fun and celebrate.

Guitar Playing - Technique vs. Feeling - What's important?

Written by Edward D Cupler

For many people, when they hearrepparttar word technique applied to guitar playing, it brings to mind someone spending long hours practicing scales and chords, getting their fingers to work like precision machines that play each note perfectly without fail. With no more feeling than someone doing calculus.

Onrepparttar 143384 other hand, whenrepparttar 143385 word feeling is applied, people might think of a smoke filled room in which every face has a story to be told, andrepparttar 143386 guitar is a means of extracting every pent up emotion inrepparttar 143387 room. The MC is an old blues man that has felt every hardship life has to offer and he now turnsrepparttar 143388 pain into musical notes that cut deep intorepparttar 143389 soul of every person inrepparttar 143390 room.

So what's important? Both! I'm not saying that everyone needs to haverepparttar 143391 technical ability of a Malmsteen, nor do I think that everyone should be filled withrepparttar 143392 blues like a Stevie Ray Vaughan. I do however think that a guitarist should haverepparttar 143393 technical ability to play however they feel. Technique and feeling are both important and neither should be ignored. Listening to Malmsteen, you can easily feelrepparttar 143394 intense emotion in every note. His playing isn't just a blaze of notes; it'srepparttar 143395 sound of someone who has mastered technique torepparttar 143396 point where he doesn't have to think about it. His playing has become free ofrepparttar 143397 constraints and limitations allowingrepparttar 143398 emotion to createrepparttar 143399 music. Byrepparttar 143400 same token, listening to Stevie Ray Vaughan you hear allrepparttar 143401 feeling you would expect from a great blues player, but Vaughan also had great technique that makes this possible. Without great technique his playing couldn't flow effortlessly and his playing would become choppy and restrained. Like Malmsteen, Vaughan's technique allowed his guitar playing to become free of constraints and limitations, allowing emotion to take precedence inrepparttar 143402 creation of his music.

So how do you learn this? Well, if you're alive there will always be something to stir up some passion in you. Injustice, religion, love, hate, movies, books someone else's music. History gives us thousands of years worth of great stories and literature to draw from. The news we hear every day can be enough to get us worked up. All you need to do is harness these feelings and let them become a part of your music. This is where your technique must get torepparttar 143403 point that you're not thinking about scales, modes, and chord theory or alternate picking styles and bending each note with perfect pitch. This is where you must draw a distinct difference between practicing

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