Scary Statistics

Written by Dene McGriff

Scary Statistics

By Doug Perry

I was wondering what to post today and received this today from a friend in Israel. I thought it was so good, I would share it with you.

"THE UNARGUABLE FACTS" -by Doug Perry. [-Kansas City businessman]

Forgive Us, God!! Big Government. Big Business. Big Oil. Big Tobacco. BIG CHURCH. The Church has become part ofrepparttar problem. We're not living like Christ. Of course they think we're hypocrites - because we ARE! Forgive us, God.

"Scarey Stats"

We fully expect you to stomp away mad, but you might want to consider that our only effort here is to point out facts about how bigrepparttar 146370 problem has gotten .

This is a compilation ofrepparttar 146371 scariest, most embarrassing, most shocking statistics and information aboutrepparttar 146372 Church and its affairs. Somebody is going to have to stand before Jesus one day and explain their role in this. We don't want it to be us - or you. We don't quote anything haphazardly without having good documentation and sources.


38 countries are primarily unevangelized. (i.e. 1.6 Billion souls)

Assets ofrepparttar 146373 Church:

US Christians control TRILLIONS in assets while at any given time 200,000,000 Brothers and Sisters starve.

78 countries each have Great Commission Christians whose personal incomes exceed US$1 billion a year. Financial Fraud inrepparttar 146374 Church:

Annual church embezzlements by top custodians exceedrepparttar 146375 entire cost of all foreign missions worldwide. Emboldened by lax procedures, trusted church treasurers are embezzling fromrepparttar 146376 Church $5,500,000 PER DAY. That's $16 Billion per YEAR! {For reference: TOTAL Christian spending on foreign missions is only $15 Billion. God forgive us!}

Criminal penalties against clergy in sexual abuse cases now exceed $1 billion, causing a number of churches, dioceses and denominations to be forced into bankruptcy.

Wasteful Spending byrepparttar 146377 Church:

95% of all church budgets inrepparttar 146378 US are spent on our own comforts and programs. Less than 1% is spent on evangelism torepparttar 146379 most unreached.

40% ofrepparttar 146380 church’s entire global foreign mission resources are being deployed to just 10 oversaturated countries already possessing strong citizen-run home ministries.

More than 90% of all Christian materials are in English, but only 8% ofrepparttar 146381 world speaks English.

All costs of ministry divided by number of baptisms per year. Cost per baptism in India - $9803 per person. Cost per baptism inrepparttar 146382 United States - $1,550,000 per person.

Every yearrepparttar 146383 churches hold a mega census costing $1.1 billion, sending out 10 million questionnaires in 3,000 languages, which covers 180 major religious subjects.

91% of all Christian outreach/evangelism does not target non-Christians but targets other Christians in already-evangelized countries or people-groups.

Each year,180 million Bibles and New Testaments are wasted - lost, destroyed, or disintegrated - due to incompetence, hostility, bad planning, or inadequate manufacture.

Missions andrepparttar 146384 Church:

Some 250 ofrepparttar 146385 300 largest international Christian organizations regularly misleadrepparttar 146386 Christian public by publishing demonstrably incorrect or falsified progress statistics.

Christian triumphalism - not as pride in huge numbers, but as publicized self-congratulation - is rampant in most churches, agencies, and ministries.

The “Body Life”

Written by Dene McGriff

The “Body Life”

I titled thisrepparttar “Body Life” to contrast it torepparttar 146369 traditional church or home meeting. Christians get fixated on meetings –repparttar 146370 where, when and how. They can see howrepparttar 146371 home meeting can be intimate and participatory but can’t imagine how it would work in a larger meeting.

I would not have believed it if I hadn’t experienced it for a number of years – meetings with upwards of 200 or 300 people or more in a large hall that was totally unscripted becauserepparttar 146372 Holy Spirit was in control. There was no “order of worship”. Anyone could begin by a prayer, a song, a testimony. Very oftenrepparttar 146373 Holy Spirit led us corporately in a single theme. Anyone was free to participate at any time. There was no chaos. There was order. The chairs were in a circle. There was no podium. There were elders but they were not visible or obvious. If something got off track, they would bring it back, but they were truly there to facilitate rather than dominate. The spirit and attitude everyone had was to followrepparttar 146374 leading ofrepparttar 146375 Holy Spirit, to sense what to do when – whether to pick a song, read fromrepparttar 146376 Bible, pray, praise, testify or teach. Most understood that they were there to glorify God and to share whatrepparttar 146377 Lord had done in our lives that week. The meetings were fresh and often glorious.

This is not to say we didn’t have some bad meetings, people sharing inappropriately, etc. but that’s what leadership is all about. When someone goes off track or just plain “offrepparttar 146378 wall”,repparttar 146379 mature saints need to be sensitive torepparttar 146380 Lord and bring it back intorepparttar 146381 flow ofrepparttar 146382 Spirit. This is not heavy handed or dictatorial. The meeting is still inrepparttar 146383 hands of allrepparttar 146384 saints who are free to share a hymn, a psalm, a testimony, pray, etc.

So what canrepparttar 146385 pastor do who wants to turn his church around fromrepparttar 146386 dead one man show to a living body? The pastor may tell people, “okay, folks, I’m going to shut up forrepparttar 146387 next month. I’m just here to encourage you.” Function follows form. Take awayrepparttar 146388 pulpit. Putrepparttar 146389 chairs in a circle. Begin to announce a couple of weeks before handrepparttar 146390 reason forrepparttar 146391 change and how it will work, emphasizingrepparttar 146392 need for all to have fresh experiences and light fromrepparttar 146393 Lord to share. Encourage them to be sensitive torepparttar 146394 leading ofrepparttar 146395 Holy Spirit as to which song to pick, when and what to share. Keep prayers and testimonies “short, quick, real and fresh” (as we used to say). If someone drones on for a while without much real to say, it will killrepparttar 146396 meeting and interruptrepparttar 146397 Spirit’s flow.

Christians grow when they letrepparttar 146398 life of Jesus they have experienced flow out to others. This can happen in large meetings or small. It may take a little time and prodding to get people used torepparttar 146399 idea, but it can be done.

Most of these meetings fall flat on their face. Why? A "body life" meeting is only as good as our walk withrepparttar 146400 Lord. If we are living inrepparttar 146401 past, living off of experiences we had last month or ten years ago, we are going to be in for a rude awakening. It may sound trite to say that we need to "have a fresh experience of Christ" daily, but it is true. Many people can tell old "war stories" for hours on end, howrepparttar 146402 Lord did this or that for them years ago. But what counts is whatrepparttar 146403 Lord did in my life today, this week - not last year or 30 years ago. An interesting thing about a body life meeting is that there is no place to hide. You are exposed. If your experience is stale, your sharing will smell like a stale ash tray to you and othersrepparttar 146404 minute you open your mouth.

Why do we end up with big meetings and professional speakers? Inrepparttar 146405 traditional service, there is nothing to do, nothing to prepare for. It takesrepparttar 146406 heat off. We can hide and don't have to deal with our shallowness and lack of reality.

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