Scary Mail

Written by Gary Onks

I wish it was Halloween mail that I was talking about, but due to recent events, it's everyday mail that now scares folks.

Mail is very important to all of us. We look forward to its arrival each day. From a business perspective, mail is an essential part of our daily activities. As individuals we look forward to getting letters and postcards from people that we care about. Whatever our age, getting mail is a decades old and ingrained habit. As for seniors, they will read just about everything that you send them. There is little if any *junk mail* fromrepparttar senior viewpoint.

However, there has always been some mail that most of us are a little suspicious of and it truly applies to mail we get today. Mail without a return address screams JUNK rather loudly and nowadays no address will mean no opening or viewing. A real close second is mail with a PO Box address. We tend to view this as a fly-by-night or at best a small potatoes outfit. After all what kind of business would fit in a PO Box anyway and nobody could actually live in one (hey, it's an old saying so bear with me).

How to Handle Customer E-mails Like a Pro

Written by Heather Reimer

Sometimes as part of my work I'm asked to mediate between customers and website owners in dispute. As such, I get to read e-mail correspondence between both parties and I'm often appalled at what I read.

One client wrote to company X to find out why it was taking them so long to apply a credit they owed to her credit card. The customer service agent for company X sent this reply:

Dear Madam:

We received your inquiry. Your refund will be credited to your account within 7 to 10 business days. If you had read our policy statement, you would know this. I hope this fully answers your question.

Regards, Company X

Whoa! Snarky.

These days, a large volume of customer service communication is done by e-mail because it's so cheap and (potentially) fast. But one of repparttar drawbacks is that it's so easy to leaverepparttar 109705 wrong impression, to say things in cyber space that you would never say overrepparttar 109706 phone or face to face.

Here are a few tips you can use to improve your online customer relations.

Be professional and polite, even inrepparttar 109707 face of abusive language, outright lies or stupidity. This is not as easy as it sounds. But you can't winrepparttar 109708 argument AND keeprepparttar 109709 customer.

Express concern and regret overrepparttar 109710 difficultyrepparttar 109711 customer is having, even if your company is not to blame.

Be 100% sure you understandrepparttar 109712 complaint/question before you answer it. If it isn't clear, then ask for more details. Above all, don't guess! Major turn off.

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