Scams - How Can I Tell Which Jobs Are For Real?

Written by Rachel Goldstein

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The internet and newspapers are filled with scams. In fact, sometimes it is hard for me to even market - because many people see "Work at Home" and they instantly think that I am trying to sell them a "scam job". This article will outline how to tell which jobs are scams before you invest your time and heart into any venture.

Have you ever seen something like this inrepparttar classified ads section?

$5000/$6000 A Week From Home Work from home, work part-time or Full-time. Your Choice. No Experience Necessary. SASE to PO Box 1455, etc.

It sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? Lets face it, who makes this much money in one week other than doctors and lawyers? If it sounds too good to be true, than it IS! Another thing that you might take notice of withrepparttar 117424 above job listing is "SASE to PO Box 1455". The reasonrepparttar 117425 job poster wants you to send an envelope is because he is going to probably send to you more information aboutrepparttar 117426 job, mainly an order form so you can buyrepparttar 117427 supplies to begin working. NEVER send money to anyone offering you a job. Another rule of thumb is to never apply for a job that you have to send a self-addressed envelope without mention of having to send your resume too.

Here are a few examples of Scam Jobs:

1. Envelope Stuffing - The envelope stuffing scam has been around for as long as I can remember. The way this job works is thatrepparttar 117428 job seeker will see an ad inrepparttar 117429 newspaper for something like this: "Make 100s of Dollars Stuffing Envelopes from Your Home". This person will send a self-addressed envelope with $5 - $30 torepparttar 117430 individual who postedrepparttar 117431 job. In returnrepparttar 117432 job poster will send torepparttar 117433 job seeker information on how he/she can also post these ads and make money. It is all a big scam, there wasn't ever any "actual" envelope stuffing position open. The individual who started this envelope stuffing scam inrepparttar 117434 first place gets about 95% of whatever profits are made from this "ad posting". This "scammer" might even refuse to pay you any money at all because you didn't adhere to strict guidelines (even if you did).

2. Assembly of Crafts - In this scam, you will need to purchase hundreds of dollars in supplies in order to start your craft business. You will need to spend countless hours assembling crafts by hands. In most cases you will not get paid for what you have submitted. In many instances, craftworkers will receive back a letter saying thatrepparttar 117435 crafts didn't meet their quality standards. In fact these fraudulent craft operators never intended to payrepparttar 117436 money. All that was intended was to sell to yourepparttar 117437 machinery for your home craft business.

3. MLM / Pyramid Schemes - (doesn't apply to mlms that acutally sell a product like Quixtar and Agway) MLM and Pyramid schemes are like chain letters. Chain letters are letters that you send out to a set number of people. These people are supposed to also sendrepparttar 117438 letter out to a set number of people, so on, and so on. Pyramid schemes are based on chain letters. This is how they work. You pay to get into a pyramid / mlm scheme. You are then in someone's downline. this means all ofrepparttar 117439 money that you make adds into this person's profits, as well as your own. The way that you make money is to build your downline by recruiting others intorepparttar 117440 scheme. These people need to dorepparttar 117441 same, and so on and so on. The problem is that you sell "nothing", you sell "commissions" only. This is illegal. Plus profits that are claimed to add up from this is not true.

Freelancers and Small Business Need a Budget

Written by Rachel Goldstein

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For people with a salaried job, budgeting their income and expenses is an easy task. A regular paycheck comes in for them every two weeks with taxes and benefits already taken out. For them it is easy to predict how much income will come in and what expenses will go out. But when you leave your full-time job for a freelance career, you also leave behind your stable paycheck. So how do you make sure that you have enough money to pay your rent? You need to learn how to create a budget. This article will explain to yourepparttar basics of budgeting for your freelance business.


The first step in creating a budget is to add up your monthly expenses. If you are new at freelancing, then calculating your expensesrepparttar 117423 first few months is going to be tough for you, but stick with it. Below, I have provided you a chart to fill out. Forrepparttar 117424 personal expenses listed, take a look back on last year's checks, bills, and credit card statements to see what you paid out last year. Figure out whatrepparttar 117425 average month was for each expense by writing down all twelve month's expenses and then dividing this number by 12.

For example:

January --------------- 112

February --------------- 84

March ----------------- 96

April ------------------ 130

May -------------------- 65

June ------------------- 98

July ------------------- 101

August ----------------- 59

September --------------- 75

October ----------------- 84

November ---------------- 96

December ---------------- 115


TOTAL ------------------ 1115


Divide Total by 12


$92.92 = Average Monthly Phone Bill

Inrepparttar 117426 above example, you would use $92.92 as your monthly phone expense on your budget.

MONTHLY EXPENSES ==========================================

Utilities (Telephone, Electric, Gas, etc.)


Mortgage / Rent












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