Saving Money On Your E-commerce Site

Written by Gary McHugh

After building and transferring many e-commerce sites it still amazes me that owners of e-commerce businesses are still wasting money in three basic ways. For fear of statingrepparttar obvious, saving money isrepparttar 143881 same as making money $100 saved is $100 added to your profit margin. Here are three basic ways to save money on your e-commerce site and increase your profits. While they may be simple we know they are overlooked time and time again resulting in thousands of dollars in lost revenue.

ABORTED SALES While most modern shopping carts come with many features, they all involverepparttar 143882 collecting of information from clients. Name, address, telephone number, user name, password, email address and so on. Yes we understand that these details are only required forrepparttar 143883 first order but let's take a look atrepparttar 143884 new buyers experience.

They have browsed your site and found a product they wish to buy, they beginrepparttar 143885 checkout process and input allrepparttar 143886 details above. Your cart then buildsrepparttar 143887 order and transfers them to paypal 2 checkout or what ever payment gateway you use. What happens next? "Please input your name, address, email, telephone number......" The result? Lost and aborted sales, surfers are lazy creatures we know that. In an ideal world your cart would have passed all those variables torepparttar 143888 gateway andrepparttar 143889 user would not have to input them again, however because there are so many gateways and they all require different variables this is difficult.

So now you log in torepparttar 143890 admin section of your cart and see an order only to find there is no matching payment. Thje solution is simple, fire up your email program and send them an email. "We noticed that you placed an order for our xxxxxxx however unfortunately we did not receive payment for that item so were unable to despatch it. Did you have difficulty with our ordering system? Is there anything we can do to help you? If so please contact us in one ofrepparttar 143891 following ways....."

Taking a few moments to send them an email can recoverrepparttar 143892 sale, or at worst you can find out which part of your ordering system isn't working for them and have it worked on. If you have your own merchant account you could have them call you and take their order by phone. Customers like to feel like customers not numbers,repparttar 143893 fact that you tookrepparttar 143894 time to contact them to find out what was wrong will give them confidence in your store and may recoverrepparttar 143895 sale.

CHARGEBACKS The curse of any e-commerce storerepparttar 143896 dreaded chargeback. We are sure you have all experienced it. You take an order, despatch it and a few weeks later get a chargeback. The result you have sent goods and have to refundrepparttar 143897 price ofrepparttar 143898 product and pay a chargeback fee normally around $15.

Firstly make sure your payment gateway offers some sort of seller protection. aypal for example have a full seller protection policy. This is useful to prevent fraud. It is totally unfair that some dishonest people initiate chargebacks after receiving goods, however as long as your gateway has seller protection and you have saved order details and proof of despatch you can go someway to protecting yourself against that.

Surprisingly most chargebacks are not fraudulent, they are caused byrepparttar 143899 seller forgetting who they bought from, especially if your registered company name with your gateway is different from that of your site. An example your company is called freds enterprizes but your website is,repparttar 143900 client buys a widget and atrepparttar 143901 end ofrepparttar 143902 month sees a charge to their card from freds enterprizes. They don't recognize it they contact their card issuer and chargeback.

The Full Circle of RSS Marketing Power

Written by Rok Hrastnik

Copyright 2005 Rok Hrastnik

RSS is a many-in-one marketing & publishing tool, although unfortunatelly most marketers still fail to understand this powerful concept.

While RSS does provide a number of benefits when used for each individual marketing function, best results are achieved when it is fully integrated in your internet marketing strategy. In more simpler terms --- when you use it to power most of your marketing online.

The key point is that RSS makes various marketing functions work together, in order to generaterepparttar best possible end result.

Itís nowrepparttar 143866 time to tie it all together and seerepparttar 143867 whole picture Ö

1] RSS as a content delivery channel for communicating with subscribers, customers, prospects and partners gets your content delivered and provides you with multiple new content delivery & business development opportunities. Yes, RSS gets your content to your subscribers without fail, enabling you to communicate with them and sell to them.

2] RSS as a promotional/visibility tool increases your traffic by improving your search engine rankings, generating traffic from new RSS specific sites and getting your content published on other sites. Each of these activities brings new visitors to your site, which are now ready to be converted in to new subscribers with which you can communicate (via RSS and/or e-mail) onrepparttar 143868 long-term. In addition,repparttar 143869 improved visibility enforces your brand and generates more credibility for your company.

3] Content delivery to end-users and content syndication together formrepparttar 143870 basis of RSS conversations, which further spread your reach throughoutrepparttar 143871 internet and serve as a strong PR platform.

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