Save time by following this simple work from home tip.

Written by Chris De La Rosa

Have you ever heardrepparttar saying "Kill 2 birds with one stone"? A somewhat violent way of putting things in today's society. But that's exactly what I'm doing today. Here's how..

I try to update my blog as often as I can, every 2 days in most cases. Today isrepparttar 135962 day I've marked off on my calendar to update it. Do you use a calendar to plan your schedule? It's a great way to keep on top of things. Usually when I write and article or blog entry it's on my computer. Today is a bit different though, it's back to pen and paper. I'm a huge soccer fan and today (as I write this) there's a semi final Champion's League game live on TV. Any soccer fans will agree that a semi final CL game is not only very exciting it also produces some real drama. The two teams meeting today are PSV and AC Milan, two ofrepparttar 135963 biggest club teams from Holland and Italy respectively.

Instead of missingrepparttar 135964 game to work on this article, I simply made a small change that is allowing me to watchrepparttar 135965 game live on TV (I hate watching taped sports, since I always find outrepparttar 135966 score before I get a chance to hitrepparttar 135967 play button onrepparttar 135968 vcr) and write a draft ofrepparttar 135969 article. All I did was replacerepparttar 135970 keyboard for a note pad and pen. I guess you can say that I'm killing 2 birds with one stone.

A small change in my routine and I'm working and enjoying a great game of soccer atrepparttar 135971 same time.

Here's another way I do 2 things atrepparttar 135972 same time, that saves me a considerable amount of time..

Power Spelling!

Written by Kathleen Jerauld-Brack

It can make you or break you.

The spell checker on your computer is great, but it doesn’t always pick up sound-a-likes. Their, there, they’re for instance. How important is it? Forrepparttar majority of people who can spell it makes allrepparttar 135635 difference. In one instance, I recently observed an employer scan an applicant’s resume remarking delightedly thatrepparttar 135636 person had just about allrepparttar 135637 credentials she was looking for; but then along camerepparttar 135638 spelling errors. The employer’s eyes glazed over andrepparttar 135639 resume was tossed onrepparttar 135640 outbound stack.

Spelling errors seem to be rampant, and can be as bad as a stain on your shirt when dressing for an interview. And before you shrug me off as a frustrated old English teacher (I’m not), you might want to consider that if all you have are your words to represent you onrepparttar 135641 Internet and you don’t choose and spell them carefully, you are quite apt to lose your credibility.

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