Save on EBay Fees with Free Image Hosting

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Experienced sellers at online auction sites such as EBay will tell you thatrepparttar single most effective tool of persuasion is a good image. Multiple images are even better. After all, buyers want to know what they are spending money on, itís only natural. EBay, however, takes advantage of that fact to charge relatively large fees for storing your images online. Here is a simple list to illustraterepparttar 150979 point:

Additional Pictures: $0.15 Picture Show: $0.25 Supersize Picture: $0.75 Picture Pack: $1.00

These fees will slowly eat away at your profits, unless you store your pictures elsewhere. Free image hosting sites, such as, will allow you to upload your pictures and link to them on EBay. For most sellers,repparttar 150980 basic free service is more than enough and can easily save over $1 per auction in picture fees.

Take advantage ofrepparttar 150981 service to post as many images on your auctions as you can. It will help you increaserepparttar 150982 number of bids received by makingrepparttar 150983 sale more attractive. Allrepparttar 150984 code you need is provided atrepparttar 150985 click of a button, you simply have to copy and paste intorepparttar 150986 EBay form.

Holiday/vacation time but what about your online business?

Written by Richard Grady

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For many of us, it is time to start thinking about packing our suitcases and jetting off on our summer holidays/vacation. When I had a 'normal' job, this was a time to get out ofrepparttar office and completely forget about work for a couple of weeks. Things are somewhat different now though as an Internet business never sleeps or takes time off so how do you handle your online business when you are supposed to be soaking uprepparttar 150978 sun on a far away beach?

Obviously if your business is large enough to have employees, you shouldn't have too many problems and can, hopefully, leave things inrepparttar 150979 capable hands of your staff for a week or two. But inrepparttar 150980 event that you run a 'one man band' and don't have anyone to reply to emails and deal with orders while you are away then I am afraid it is down to you to look after things.

So with this in mind, here are a few ideas that may help to ensure that your vacation remains exactly that :-)

1. Close your website down forrepparttar 150981 duration of your holiday. For me this goes completely againstrepparttar 150982 grain - one ofrepparttar 150983 advantages of an online business isrepparttar 150984 fact that it can earn you money whilst you sleep (and whilst you sunbathe). However some business owners do simply decide to shut up shop when they go away and write off a couple of weeks income against a stress-free break.

2. Find a local Internet cafe. For many people this is probablyrepparttar 150985 easiest and most affordable option. Most tourist destinations have some level of public Internet access available at a reasonable price. Last year I even managed to get a half decent Internet connection on a tiny island inrepparttar 150986 middle ofrepparttar 150987 Indian Ocean! The main downside in using Internet cafes is security. I have never been completely comfortable entering important passwords into public computers and have often ended up using two or three Internet cafes inrepparttar 150988 same resort and changing passwords on a daily basis! Slightly paranoid perhaps but it only takes one dishonest cafe owner to really putrepparttar 150989 spanner inrepparttar 150990 works.....

3. Take your laptop and connect viarepparttar 150991 hotel landline. Most hotels have an IDD (International Direct Dial) telephone in their rooms. This means you can dial straight out ofrepparttar 150992 hotel without having to go viarepparttar 150993 switchboard. This beingrepparttar 150994 case, you can hook your laptop up and dial up just as you would at home. The cheapest way of doing this is to do some research first and find a local Internet company that can offer 'pay as you go' dial up - don't dial into your home ISP as this will cost you dearly in international call charges. Be aware that not all countries userepparttar 150995 common RJ11 phone socket and you may need to purchase an adapter socket. These are readily available onrepparttar 150996 Internet - just search Google for 'modem adaptor socket for (your destination)'. You should also check thatrepparttar 150997 phone line you are about to plug into isn't digital - if it is, you could fry your modem. Askrepparttar 150998 hotel reception or better still, get a tester unit that plugs in and checksrepparttar 150999 line for you - these are cheap and could save you a lot of problems. Whilst using dial up in this way is very convenient, it can be expensive (hotels are notorious for making huge profit on phone calls) and it is likelyrepparttar 151000 connection will be very slow.

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