Save Your Software

Written by Steve Collins

When you buy software, you are buying a single user license for that software. There are a number of reasons you would need to re-install your software, for example, if you purchased a new computer – asrepparttar single user, you would haverepparttar 150072 right to installrepparttar 150073 software onrepparttar 150074 new machine. When a customer calls in with a hardware problem, we ask thatrepparttar 150075 software and product code keys are available when we work onrepparttar 150076 machine. This way, after taking care ofrepparttar 150077 problem, we can easily re-installrepparttar 150078 software. Software cannot be backed up or copied. The

Here’s a Sobering Thought

Written by Geekforce

While you are looking at your computer, it may be looking back at you. There is easy-to-get, even free, software that lets anybody spy on you, anytime you are on your computer. Most spyware is simple. It digitally stores copies of everything that is typed on a computer. Then,repparttar information can be secretly e-mailed torepparttar 150071 amateur spy at regular intervals. Spyware software is elusive. It can be slipped onto an unsuspecting victim’s computer disguised as a simple e-mail, or even a greeting card. Once installed, it is virtually undetectable byrepparttar 150072 naked eye. Even virus protection software usually won’t spot it. It doesn’t ask you to download any attachments or answer any questions; it just automatically installs itself on your system.

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