Save Your Relationship and Your Sanity

Written by Marie Magdala Roker

Create Time To Share And Time On Your Own.

Establish time to spend together and time for yourself. Although you needrepparttar time together to nurture your relationship, it is important to have a good balance. You are notrepparttar 130521 Mini-Me of each other. You each have your own values, interests and needs. Make sure your couple time is about quality, not quantity. Set up boundaries sorepparttar 130522 family and friends know that this is your sacred time. Now, itís time to shift focus on you. Having shared perspectives and similar interests does not mean that you have to participate in all activities together. Creating personal time for yourself is important for your personal growth. However, donít use personal space as an excuse to not make time for each other. It is imperative that you articulate to each otherrepparttar 130523 need for this time, so that no one feels neglected.

Be Patient with Each Other.

No one is perfect. It is important that you accept and love each other, quirks and all. Your relationship is a shared territory. It requires love, work and patience There is a learning curve in relationships and for somerepparttar 130524 learning never stop. There is a difference in howrepparttar 130525 two of you relate, interact and live. You come to realize each othersí strengths and weaknesses. View each otherís abilities and personality as a gift. Be more flexible in your viewpoints. Work on win/win methods, so that no one has to lose. Itís more important to understand and value each otherís viewpoint, rather than trying to agree or disagree with it.

Respect Each Other

Respect each otherís values. Respect each otherís time. Respect each otherís space. Respect each otherís privacy. Respect each otherís weaknesses. Respect each otherís point of view. Respect each otherís faith. Respect each otherís friends and family. Respect each otherís job or career. Respect each otherís culture. Respect each otherís sense of humor. Respect each otherís character. Respect each otherís choices. Respect each otherís belongings. Respect each other through love.

Highlight Whatís Right


Written by Victoria Elizabeth

Copyright (c) Victoria Elizabeth 2004. All rights reserved.

THE LOST ART OF LOLLYGAGGING --Or, how to dawdle, loaf, or putter to your heart's content--

In our time-conscious world -- minutes, hours, and days are only meaningful if they can be organized, measured, prioritized not to mention sliced and diced into "productive" and "non-productive" periods.

It seems anything deemed "time wasting" must be derided and then dropped from all "to do" lists. Onrepparttar other hand, being "listless" (having no "to do" list or a short one) is a fate worse than death.

If you're not running around thither and yon, fear not. There will always be at least one quidnunc keen on telling you that your life lacks purpose. And, we all know what happens to people without goals and long "to do" lists. They become ill-fated "laggards", lippy "losers" or heaven forbid, "lounge lizards"!

"Fooling around" or, 'living inrepparttar 130519 moment", is for children and pets only. Grown-ups are not encouraged to dawdle, loaf, putter or simply take time out to smellrepparttar 130520 roses let alone talk to them. To engage in such "mindless" activities is to invite some incurable dis-ease. Such is life in Lollygaglessland.

However, not being a linear thinker helps when it comes to enjoyingrepparttar 130521 art of lollygagging.

First, toss your watch, clock or timepiece forrepparttar 130522 day. Second, put on some comfy clothes -- or, if you're feeling frightfully funky, just a birthday suit. Next, find a comfortable and cozy thing to sit upon. This is important. Doing so will take a load off your feet, and prevent your brain from becoming clogged, cluttered or crashing like your hapless personal computer. If all else fails, remember, rumination and regurgitation is not inrepparttar 130523 cards for you today!

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