Save Time and Money by Drop-Shipping, Prepared Lists Really Help

Written by Vinodh Pushparaj

Save Time and Money by Drop-Shipping, Prepared Lists Really Help By Vinodh Pushparaj

This isrepparttar age ofrepparttar 145270 Internet entrepreneurs. You see millions and millions flock torepparttar 145271 Internet each day. They easily understandrepparttar 145272 business potential andrepparttar 145273 low bar in starting a business website. They jump directly without much thought or research, contact one or two product sellers and open shop as resellers ofrepparttar 145274 items. A very few succeed owing their success to previous experience or contacts they have. Many of them just fall intorepparttar 145275 bottomless pit of waiting forrepparttar 145276 orders spending money on pointless traffic sources. Nearly half of them finally figure out a way to grabrepparttar 145277 attention ofrepparttar 145278 customer and finally manage to entice them to buy their products. There inrepparttar 145279 problem starts. They now have to figure outrepparttar 145280 best way to shiprepparttar 145281 item. Unprepared, they initially end up paying forrepparttar 145282 shipping and handling out of pocket forrepparttar 145283 first 10 orders. Tell me I am wrong,repparttar 145284 author is a fine good example of this. If only we could present articles like this to them before they blindly start their journey torepparttar 145285 bottomless pit?

The good concept that allowsrepparttar 145286 home based entrepreneurs to try out various business methods without holding any inventory is called Drop Shipping. There are tons companies who offer drop shipping of their products. It is a win-win for them. Inrepparttar 145287 reseller marketrepparttar 145288 product manufacturer doesn't know whorepparttar 145289 customer is. In drop shipping they get first hand information of whorepparttar 145290 customers are and also find good sales folks for free. The web business owner who signs up forrepparttar 145291 drop shipping also wins. If they are new torepparttar 145292 business they don't have to worry about shipping and handling. They need not worry about maintaining inventory. The established business owners know how difficult it is to manage inventory. The countless software and business intelligence products inrepparttar 145293 Inventory management tellrepparttar 145294 story aboutrepparttar 145295 nightmarish Inventory management. The best thing forrepparttar 145296 new business owners to do is signup forrepparttar 145297 dropshipping and letrepparttar 145298 pros take care ofrepparttar 145299 delivery. Once they understand how things are done they can increase their revenue by starting to manage inventory in addition to signing up for drop shipping. Slowly you can finally manage to become a complete distributor or may be become a value added reseller.

Making the Connection: Customer Relationships That Build Your Business

Written by Kathy Gulrich

Have you ever wondered why you often find a coupon tucked inside your cereal box, or get invited to a customer preview sale at your favorite department store? Those companies know that their existing customers arerepparttar best - and most profitable - customers they'll ever have. So it's not surprising that they'll do whatever they can to keep these customers happy and coming back again and again.

Believe it or not,repparttar 145269 same concept holds true for your art career. While you don't want to ignore potential customers, you'll find that when you pay a little more attention torepparttar 145270 customers and collectors you already have, it will really pay off - in increased sales and profits for your art business. The following 10 practical strategies will get you started.

1 - Understand how and why your customers buy art

Put yourself in your customers' shoes. What's in it for them when they purchase your art? Maybe they feel great about owning a piece of original artwork. Or they're happy to support an emerging artist. Perhaps they're looking forward to showing their new painting to friends. Start listening to your customers and asking questions, and you'll learn a lot - fast.

Don't underestimaterepparttar 145271 power of being an art collector yourself. You'll know firsthand how your collectors feel when they purchase your work, and you'll be a great role model for them. Even better, you'll be supporting other artists.

2 - Makerepparttar 145272 first purchase a fabulous experience

When you sell a piece of artwork, remember that it's also an exciting event for your customers. So let them be excited about their purchase. Accept any compliments graciously. Then share something personal that lets them know that you're excited aboutrepparttar 145273 sale, too. Tell them howrepparttar 145274 sale is meaningful to you: It's your first; your first to someone in New Jersey; your first in this series, or your last one like this. A positive connection now can pay off for years to come.

3 - Be businesslike in everything you do

Treat your art as a business, and treat your customers in a businesslike manner. Be meticulous about meeting deadlines and keeping appointments. Always providerepparttar 145275 materials or information you promised - complete, and on time. And remember to thank your collectors personally when they attend one of your shows or support you in any way. A quick note or an e-mail will be appreciated, and remembered.

In addition, be businesslike when you price your artwork. Keep your pricing consistent: fromrepparttar 145276 gallery to your studio, and from city to city. And stick to your prices no matter what; never discount your work.

Naturally, it makes sense to present yourself in a professional manner every time you show someone your work. That said, never try to be someone you're not. Let your personality come through, and you'll berepparttar 145277 best businessperson you can be: you.

4 - Make it easy for your customers to purchase more of your work

I was at a friend's house recently and admired a beautiful hand-made journal she'd purchased at a local craft fair. Thinking it would make a perfect gift for another friend, I asked forrepparttar 145278 artist's name. When she didn't remember, we looked insiderepparttar 145279 journal and discoveredrepparttar 145280 artist's name and phone number were nowhere to be found. The result? He or she lost a sale.

Put your contact information on everything that leaves your studio: letterhead, invitations, show announcements, note cards, etc. Affix a personalized label onrepparttar 145281 back of each painting that includes your name, plus your e-mail address or Web site.

And send your new collectors home with an "Artist Pack": a professional-looking folder with your business card, resume, artist statement, bio, articles about you and by you, and so on. Youíll be amazed at how often your customers will share it with their friends and associates.

5 - Ask for another sale

When liquid shampoo first came out, it gave consumers a convenient and easy way to wash their hair. "Lather and rinse,"repparttar 145282 label said. But shampoo sales really took off when just one word was added. Your shampoo bottle now says, "Lather, rinse, and repeat if desired."

Repeat sales can revolutionize your business, too. So display your work in your home and studio where visitors will see it. And when customers are making a purchase, be bold: Ask them if they'd like to purchase a second (or third) piece. Ask your collectors for referrals to another collector, or to a shop or gallery where they think your work might fit in. Or suggest a commissioned piece you'd like to do for them. The key here is to ask forrepparttar 145283 sale.

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