Save Money on Your Wedding Dress

Written by Samantha Taylor

Your wedding is quite possiblyrepparttar most important day of your life and you've probably been dreaming about it since you were about 12 years old. The dress you choose is ultimately going to be what people look at and remember about your wedding. That being said, you want to findrepparttar 147243 perfect dress that will make your guest's and husband's jaws hitrepparttar 147244 floor when you walk downrepparttar 147245 aisle. Are you thinking that may be unrealistic with your wedding budget? Think again! We have some ofrepparttar 147246 best shopping tips in order to help you save money on your wedding dress. This way you can enjoy your wedding while maintaining a reasonable wedding budget.

  1. Shop Around - Don't assumerepparttar 147247 first dress you try on is going to berepparttar 147248 best deal or lookrepparttar 147249 best on you. There are many dresses to try.

  2. Discount Bridal Salons - Discount bridal salons often have sales of up to 75% off (especially on last year's merchandise) which can save you a lot of money inrepparttar 147250 long run. If you hear of a discount sale, make sure you know what you are looking for since many women go crazy at these events and dresses are often gone in a matter of minutes.

  3. Have Someone Make Your Dress - If you have a talented friend or family member who you trust to make your wedding dress for you, you can save an enormous amount of money and still have a great dress for your big day.

Choosing the Perfect Wedding Ring

Written by Samantha Taylor

Traditionally, a wedding band was worn onrepparttar ring finger ofrepparttar 147242 left hand because it was believed thatrepparttar 147243 vein in that finger went straight torepparttar 147244 heart. A wedding ring is a piece of jewelry which will be worn everyday of your life to signify your love and fidelity to your significant other. That being said, you want to ensure you chooserepparttar 147245 perfect ring, which can be difficult for someone who is inexperienced in this area. Luckily we can help you throughrepparttar 147246 steps of findingrepparttar 147247 perfect wedding ring forrepparttar 147248 special person in your life.

The first thing to consider isrepparttar 147249 kind of metal you want for your wedding rings. Most wedding rings are found in yellow gold, white gold or platinum. These forms of metal vary in price and most likely this decision will be quite easy since most women already know what kind of ring they want.

The next step is choosingrepparttar 147250 stone forrepparttar 147251 ring. You will need to decide which kind of stone you want as well asrepparttar 147252 shape ofrepparttar 147253 stone. Diamonds are stillrepparttar 147254 most popular choice when it comes to stones for wedding rings however colored stones such as emeralds, rubies and sapphires are becoming more and more popular.

The last step is to find a reputable jeweler who you will be comfortable purchasing such an expensive piece of jewelry from. Perhaps it is best to use a jeweler who one of your friends or family members have already used and would recommend for you because of such great results.

If you are like most couples who are marrying, you will likely choose a diamond wedding ring. If you are doing so, you may want to keeprepparttar 147255 four C's in mind while doing so. The four C's arerepparttar 147256 diamond's color, cut, clarity and carat weight.

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