Save Money & Time... Plan Home Decorating Projects

Written by Bonnie P. Carrier

Why is planning home decorating projects important? Let’s start by askingrepparttar following question.

What dorepparttar 144834 following have in common? 1) Boxes of odds & ends collecting dust inrepparttar 144835 basement

2) Bags of discarded curtains, bedspreads and pillows inrepparttar 144836 attic

3) Half empty paint cans stacked against a wall inrepparttar 144837 garage

It could mean you have a hard time parting with anything, however, in this case all these point to decorating attempts gone astray.

Let me continue with a short story: “The Discovery” Once upon a time there was a very cluttered basement. Overrepparttar 144838 yearsrepparttar 144839 occupants ofrepparttar 144840 home had done nothing but toss things down there.

When it finally became obvious thatrepparttar 144841 only way to get from one side torepparttar 144842 other was withrepparttar 144843 use of a road map, Mom decided it was time to clean house.

As she began going throughrepparttar 144844 numerous boxes and after opening an infinite number of storage bags, she began to realize that one particular phrase was continually being repeated, “Why did I buy this”.

After what seemed like an eternity inrepparttar 144845 basement, she moved on to check other parts ofrepparttar 144846 house.

What she discovered probably could have been used in a Steven King novel,repparttar 144847 abandoned items inrepparttar 144848 basement has multiplied and had taken up residence in every out ofrepparttar 144849 way space they could find.

There were signs of them in allrepparttar 144850 closets, cupboards, underrepparttar 144851 beds even inrepparttar 144852 garage.

Keep Things In Order With A Written Home Decorating Plan

Written by Bonnie P. Carrier

Begin your written plan by choosing one room to start with. This helps keep you and your budget focused onrepparttar project. Which not only guarantees it’s completion, it’s going to save you money.

Why? Remember impulse buying, well it’s less likely to occur if you’ve planned and written down items specifically for that one room.

Think about it this way; You go torepparttar 144833 grocery store without a list, what happens? Everything looks good, so you end up buying extra things you do not need and probably forget a few essential items.

Tip: A large notebook or blank writing journal will help make this process easier.

This will come in handy for jotting down ideas, measurements, color choices, keeping track of purchases even drawing out a layout of your room. Also, if your purchasing any large items furniture, lighting, carpet etc. this is a good place to keep track of stores that carry things you’ve seen andrepparttar 144834 prices. Now that you have chosenrepparttar 144835 room,repparttar 144836 next step is to think about howrepparttar 144837 room is used.

Sound like a strange thought, well not really. This will determinerepparttar 144838 direction your decorating goes in.

For Example: Lets say your looking to make changes in your living room. Is thisrepparttar 144839 main area used for entertaining, family gatherings or watching TV and movies? Do you have children with friends hanging out at your home. How about pets, are they normally in here with you?

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