Save Money When Going Out

Written by Gregory Thomas

It seems as though whenever we go out forrepparttar night, it costs much more than we originally intended to spend. Having a 'night onrepparttar 149372 town' shouldn't cost you a whole weeks salary.

Keep in mind thatrepparttar 149373 amount you spend is directly related torepparttar 149374 place you go and what you purchase. If you are attending an opera with private balcony seats, followed by an elegant candle-lit dinner . . . . plan on spending more than forty dollars.

However, many activities can be a lot of fun and not cost much money atrepparttar 149375 same time. Sure, it's nice to go out in style once and awhile, but realistically, how often can our pocketbooks afford it?

Userepparttar 149376 following tips to help cut some ofrepparttar 149377 costs when going out. These tips can also be helpful if you have children, and are looking for some lower priced outings.

How And Where To Save Money


You can often find local organizations and establishments offering a variety of "weekly" specials that will save you money. By lowering prices and offering special discounts, these businesses attract customers during their "down" time, or slow days.

For instance, many Los Angeles area bars and restaurants offer free midweek buffets, $1 drink specials, and even half price appetizers. And many times, these specials last all night long! Those that don't, have "Happy Hours" usually from 4-8pm offering food and drink specials ranging anywhere from $1-$5.

Granted these places won't haverepparttar 149378 typical Friday night crowds, nevertheless they WILL provide you and your date more quality time together and save you money atrepparttar 149379 same time.

There is no need to feel cheap, or tight, just because you are interested in saving some of YOUR money. Is there a law commanding that you spend $200 every time you go out?

Check For Local Events


Another idea is to check with your City Hall or local Parks and Recreation center to see what's coming up. Often cities/counties sponsor a number of dance, theater, musical and visual arts events that are either FREE, or cost a few dollars for admission.

Local colleges also offer quite a number of events that cost very little to attend. Sporting events, musicals, drama and performing arts, are just a few that you will find. Contact your local colleges and see if you can be placed on a mailing list to be notified of upcoming events.

Don't forget to checkrepparttar 149380 papers andrepparttar 149381 ever popular website!

Make Money with Your Music the Top 5 Ways

Written by Brian Cook

Songwriters dream of making their living by writing, and sometimes performing, their songs. But until that day comes they've got to make a living somehow! Sound familiar?

With a little imagination, you can probably find a way to convert your love for music and songwriting into a means of making money. To help you get started, here is a list of ideas worth looking into:

1. Sell your tapes and/or CD's online.

It is really remarkably easy (and pretty darn inexpensive) to set up your own web site and begin selling your tapes, CD's, and whatever else you have to offer. And, although it's beyondrepparttar scope of this article to tell you in detail how to do this, as a minimum you will need: a website; a web host; a means of collecting money (you can get a merchant account or use a service such as PayPal); and, of course, visitors to your website. 2. Write and sell an eBook about your music expertise.

An eBook, or electronic book, is extremely popular these days onrepparttar 149235 Internet. The benefits to you include ease of production and very low delivery cost. Customers benefit fromrepparttar 149236 instant gratification of downloadingrepparttar 149237 book immediately after purchasing it.

Don't forget, information isrepparttar 149238 hot product for today, especially onrepparttar 149239 Internet. With a little effort, you can surely come up with special information that others would be willing to pay for.

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