Save America, Vote for Anyone but Bush!

Written by Gary R. Hess

George W. Bush has been in office for a little more than 3 ˝ years. His resume is that ofrepparttar poorest of all time and yet he is onrepparttar 125963 verge of being re-elected.

Bush has done so many wrong doings it is hard to find a place to start. He has taken over a country who clearly did nothing wrong, ignored another country which now is leading back to their Soviet ways, ignored yet another countries nuclear weapons ability, disregardedrepparttar 125964 needs of our veterans and retired peoples, and as well lost over 2 million jobs and created just 300,000 low paying ones in return.

His ignorance has leftrepparttar 125965 United States unwanted and heart broken. The USA went to Iraq for no reason at all. People can say that Saddam was a bad man all they want, but there is no proof. Iraq did not have nuclear weapons likerepparttar 125966 ones described in Bush’s speech, Iraq did not try to steal uranium like inrepparttar 125967 same speech andrepparttar 125968 ‘horror’ stories which were told throughoutrepparttar 125969 Iraq campaign of Saddam murdering his people was later found false. The Iraq war has now left more than 1,000 American soldiers dead and tens of thousands Iraqi civilians decapitated or dead.

His idea of killing terrorists is bombing market places and ambulances likerepparttar 125970 ones just a few days ago leaving 20 civilians dead, including one Pakistani news cameraman who caughtrepparttar 125971 whole ordeal on video and was shown later that night on television showingrepparttar 125972 so called “precision bombing” ofrepparttar 125973 United States is one that is killing normal innocent Iraqis.

The president also managed to ignore Russia’s need for protection and for feeling important in making decisions world wide. And now Russia has begun to turn to their old Soviet ways. Putin announced just yesterday, September 14th 2004 that he is seeking far more power for “protection against terrorists.” The problems is,repparttar 125974 power which he is seeking will give himrepparttar 125975 ability to hand pick his “congress” and make decisions forrepparttar 125976 people, voting will no longer be needed.

7 Proposals to solve the Unemployment Problem

Written by Virginia Bola, PsyD

The subject is constantly inrepparttar news and may deciderepparttar 125962 next national elections –repparttar 125963 infamous jobless recovery. More than 8 million Americans are out of work with another 4 million underemployed or no longer looking for work. Good manufacturing, technical and services jobs are being shipped to India, Asia, and other developing countries. The mood ofrepparttar 125964 middle and working class becomes more pessimistic,repparttar 125965 outlook for their immediate future more grim. Politicians debate solutions: abrogating current trade treaties, providing protection for various industries, investment in retraining programs, wishful thinking that lower taxes will turn everything around,repparttar 125966 promise of a labor shortage within 15 years. Meanwhile,repparttar 125967 population grows, demandingrepparttar 125968 creation of 150,000 new jobs per month just to stay even. Where arerepparttar 125969 more than 2 million 2004 jobs promised byrepparttar 125970 Council of Economic Advisers? They will come whenrepparttar 125971 government truly invests inrepparttar 125972 social and financial welfare ofrepparttar 125973 working public. Historically,repparttar 125974 U.S. has looked at employment only in times of crisis – recession or alarming unemployment figures. Rather than “quick fixes,” we need a national long-range policy on employment which addressesrepparttar 125975 issue, in good times and bad, with sustained interest, analysis, and support. Here are seven proposals: 1. Create a National Office of Employment to develop long term strategies and oversight ofrepparttar 125976 U.S. labor market in order to track trends, analyze data, research emerging problems, and prepare early interventions.

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