Sauces for Quick Gourmet Cooking

Written by Alannah Moore

The saying goes that "The French have a hundred sauces to disguise a few foods - andrepparttar Americans have a hundred foods disguised only by white sauce!"

It is true that many great gourmet dishes involve a special sauce, which used to take hours to prepare. Forrepparttar 140215 quick gourmet chef, there's a way around this:

1. Hollandaise and Béarnaise: Both are available in glass jars. You should be able to find them in your local gourmet shop or supermarket.

2. Madeira, Armoricaine, Newburg, Supreme, et al: These, too, are available in jars or frozen, and will transformrepparttar 140216 humble hamburger or leftover into a gourmet's dream.

3. Bottled Meat Sauces: Diable, Robert or Cumberland sauce, Worcestershire, and a wide range of mustards from Devilled to Bahamian to Dijon. Wash your hands thoroughly, use a judicious few tablespoons of whatever you fancy, and rub it thoroughly into chops and steaks. This replacesrepparttar 140217 marinades which used to take hours.

4. Dessert Sauces: Be cautious about these! There are lots of edible varieties - but very few that come up to a gourmet's standard! . . . as you will see in our gourmet dessert section, there are innumerable quick tricks with liqueurs and fresh fruit for presenting gourmet desserts in a minute. ( )

5. Basting Sauces: Here you begin to be a gourmet chef, for a basting sauce is largely invention based on experience as you grow proficient with recipes. Basting sauces are used with fish, meat and poultry. Generally, they are melted butter blended with herbs - or spices - or fruit and fruit peels - with or without a dash of cooking wine. The precise ingredients depend uponrepparttar 140218 final flavor desired: tangy, sultry, or sweetish.

The basting sauce should be made atrepparttar 140219 start ofrepparttar 140220 cooking operation, placed overrepparttar 140221 lowest possible heat, allowed to sit and grow acquainted with itself. A quarter pound of butter makes an adequate basting sauce; half a pound is sometimes better-if you can bring yourself to it!

The basic procedure is to combine butter chunks and desired seasonings or flavorings in a small saucepot (a stainless steel one-cup measure with a handle is satisfactory), and to obtainrepparttar 140222 full savory blend by simmering gently duringrepparttar 140223 first steps of searing meat or poultry, firmingrepparttar 140224 fish flesh, etc. A basting sauce is used to moisten and flavor a dish during its cooking; it is brushed directly onto roasting meat or poultry with a pastry brush at 10 or 15 minute intervals, or poured over fish and broiled dishes every 5 minutes for quick cookery.

For long cooking roasts, whenrepparttar 140225 basting sauce has all been used, a roaster baster will pick up pan juices for moisteningrepparttar 140226 dish.

6. Wine & Wine Sauces: "The betterrepparttar 140227 wine,repparttar 140228 betterrepparttar 140229 dish" isrepparttar 140230 gourmet standard ... although it's not necessary to buy fine vintage drinking wines for use inrepparttar 140231 kitchen. If you have good local wine, do use it for cooking.

Never buy cooking wine or liquor purely on a price basis;repparttar 140232 cheap brands do not have sufficient alcoholic content to create a flambee dish - and will not have enough flavor to remain inrepparttar 140233 sauce. White wines can be used for any recipes, but red wines can only be used for dark meats . . . when they will not discolorrepparttar 140234 dish.

A List Of Must Haves For Any Amateur Cook's Kitchen

Written by Michael Lansing

Withrepparttar holidays on their way soon, many people will be beefing up kitchens to handlerepparttar 140089 increased demand for ‘fit for a king’ meals. Not being a professional Chef shouldn’t stop you from being able to cook like one. But, you’ll needrepparttar 140090 right tools to create those tantalizing dishes. Read on and find outrepparttar 140091 five tools that no kitchen cook should be without.

Mixing Bowls

Make sure that you have a good, quality set of mixing bowls on hand –repparttar 140092 biggerrepparttar 140093 better! Many dishes need to be beaten, blended or mixed. You’ll be glad you didn’t skimp onrepparttar 140094 mixing bowls when you need to perform any of those tasks. Most professional chefs prefer to use stainless steel mixing bowls. However, there are many quality plastic sets available, likerepparttar 140095 ones made by OXO. But be aware that plastic bowls can become hard to clean over time, especially if used for heavy duty sauces, and may need to be replaced.

Pre-Seasoned Cookware

Cast iron skillets, pots and pans have long been a choice ofrepparttar 140096 pros. But, cast iron cookware can be a little daunting. Seasoning, pre-seasoning, re-seasoning, cookingrepparttar 140097 seasonings in, oils to use, etc. to ensure your skillet is ready, is a hassle many cooks would rather not deal with. Now you don’t have to. You can buy cast iron cookware galore – already seasoned – so that you have no fuss and still getrepparttar 140098 same great benefits of those using simple cast iron. Lodge is a well known maker of pre-seasoned cookware and offers many different types of cast iron cookware. Be aware –soap nor dishwashers should be used for your prized possessions.

Specialty Measuring Spoons

If you’ve ever seen one of grandma’s old recipes refer to a pinch, smidgen or dash and have had to take a guess atrepparttar 140099 meaning (and hope you’re right) then you absolutely must grab a set of pinch, smidgen or dash measuring spoons. No more guessing or testing your interpretations on your guests (as fun as that may be). This set also makes a great conversation starter – especially at family gatherings where elder members may take you on a trip down memory lane.

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