Satellite vs Cable

Written by Gary Davis

Satellite versus Cable

By Gary Davis

Dish Network Satellite

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There's a battle going on between Cable TV and Satellite TV. Many people wonder whatrepparttar 138202 best choice really is. The best choice may lay in these factors:


Both Cable TV and Satellite TV are popular. Although cable still is more popular overall, satellite TV has made huge gains on cable TV.


Cable TV systems require a cable to be installed fromrepparttar 138203 network to your house. If your street has no cable you may need to wait a while before it is available in your area. Besidesrepparttar 138204 cable you need a receiver. With digital services you need an additional box.

Satellite TV requires a satellite dish, a receiver and a cable fromrepparttar 138205 dish to your TV (no digging in your garden).

Reception Quality

Cable TV has analog channels and even though you can upgrade to digital services, analog channels will still be analog, meaning an often fuzzy picture. Satellite TV is completely digital, which gives you allrepparttar 138206 advantages of digital systems. Very heavy rain or snow can obstruct reception briefly, but generally this happens very rarely. Reception quality is much better with Satellite TV.

Mysterious Mystere – At the Treasure Island Hotel In Las Vegas

Written by Janice Wilson

Mysterious Mystere – Atrepparttar Treasure Island Hotel In Las Vegas

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Mystere, Cirque Du Soleil atrepparttar 138191 Treasure Island Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada is a spellbinding theatrical miracle for all ages.

Fromrepparttar 138192 minute I took my seat,repparttar 138193 pre-show comedic mimicry of Brian Le Petit,repparttar 138194 tuxedo dressed clown, alerted me to expectrepparttar 138195 unexpected. His slightly dangerous antics, irreverent decorum and comedic timing maderepparttar 138196 arriving audience take their seats and immediately pay attention. Whenrepparttar 138197 house lights dimmed andrepparttar 138198 show began, I could feel my imagination being stretched beyond recognition. The infusion of colors, sounds, lighting and artistic awe inspiring movements awakened my soul to a new life that defied logic or reason.

Mystere’s flawless artistry rocked my understanding of science, art, and anatomy and changed my life forever. For ninety minutes, I sat onrepparttar 138199 edge of my seat enraptured withrepparttar 138200 plethora of sounds,repparttar 138201 spectacle of human athleticism andrepparttar 138202 sensual pleasures that emanated fromrepparttar 138203 sheer exuberance of being alive.

Being fully alive inrepparttar 138204 present moment is one ofrepparttar 138205 most mesmerizing feats ofrepparttar 138206 evening. I didn’t want to forget a movement, a sound or a costume design, butrepparttar 138207 spectacle was so all encompassing that it swept me away on a journey torepparttar 138208 very heart of where my past, present and future merged, and all of my emotions converged.

The gallery of characters that commandedrepparttar 138209 stage was lovable, outrageous, and artistically stunning! The Clown, was likerepparttar 138210 child who breaks a toy to see how it works. His innocent mischief maderepparttar 138211 evening light and funny. The BABY, made us laugh with his disproportionate size, childish need for attention, and innocently dangerous curiosity. Moha-Samedi,repparttar 138212 pink master of ceremonies and his puppet representedrepparttar 138213 accumulated knowledge of humanity sincerepparttar 138214 beginning of time. He wasrepparttar 138215 colorful fool who bears witness torepparttar 138216 past and present while creating nothing. Red Bird was brilliant in appearance and acrobatic skills snapped uprepparttar 138217 energy ofrepparttar 138218 show like sparks that fly inrepparttar 138219 wind. There arerepparttar 138220 Pets, birds who have forgotten how to fly,repparttar 138221 Asticots, with their double faces that keep them hidden fromrepparttar 138222 truth,repparttar 138223 Giants, a gentle frivolous group of futile feathers and long legs, Stas, a mischievous imp, a thousand years old. Andrepparttar 138224 Ancient Bird who’s joy of remembrance fills her movements with surprise and displaysrepparttar 138225 mystery of memory.

These characters combinedrepparttar 138226 artistic disciplines of gymnastics, dance, visual poetry, music, mime, and comedy with flawless timing and dramatic impact. My eyes opened wide as Paul Bowler took center stage and soared with passion and deep concentration as he stretched my understanding ofrepparttar 138227 universe. He effortlessly turned and spun a neon lit cube while nonchalantly performing a gravity-defying ballet of breathtaking aerial moves. My stomach did flip flops as I wondered who was in control . . .repparttar 138228 cube orrepparttar 138229 artist? It was a mystery.

The Chinese poles pushedrepparttar 138230 limits of human strength and anatomical form. This art form originated in China. The Cirque du Soleil troupe uses both men and women (which is unusual for this art form because in China women don’t perform on Chinese Poles). This gravity-defying act features two principal performers from China, who are life-long students of this discipline. They, along with twenty members ofrepparttar 138231 colorful troupe slither and spring from pole to pole using only arm and leg power. Great upper body control and balance are essential. Their agility was awe-inspiring. Their double-faced masks created a stunning visual.

Thenrepparttar 138232 lighting changed and before me appeared two brothers who performed a hand and body balancing act that is done on a rotating dome. The incredible exhibition of strength and stamina demanded impeccable precision and alignment as well as strength. Their two bodies moved as one as their maneuvers demonstrated perfect harmony. I sat amazed watching these two mighty physiques connected in gentile, fluid movements exuding a sensuality that captivatedrepparttar 138233 entire audience as they applauded with appreciation.

Whenrepparttar 138234 applause died down andrepparttar 138235 lighting grew brighter,repparttar 138236 Bungee aerialists appeared mysteriously before us. They were like majestic birds in flight as they flew throughrepparttar 138237 air fearlessly in unison, creating a fantastically organized chaos. As they dropped from their trapezes in turn or as a group, they were stopped only byrepparttar 138238 elastic around their waist, I watched bewitchingly spellbound. This aerial ballet is comprised of six performers, who spring and spin high aboverepparttar 138239 crowd. The Bungee performers rely on great upper-body strength and pinpoint precision to synchronize this “ballet without gravity,” another mystery to behold.

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