Satellite Radio Showdown: Sirius vs XM Radio

Written by Reno Charlton

The advancement of technology has seenrepparttar introduction of many new and exciting gadgets and services overrepparttar 133391 years: video recorders have been replaced by DVDs; record players with CD players and MP3s; and terrestrial television channels have been expanded to include hundreds of satellite channels to suit all tastes and ages. And now consumers can enjoyrepparttar 133392 benefits of satellite radio as well. No longer do we have to put up with a limited choice of channels, distorted sound quality, and continual interruptions in service and quality. Satellite radio offers incredible choice, excellent quality, and an uninterrupted service that you can enjoy in your home or in your car.

How does satellite radio work?

When you subscribe to satellite radio you will get an extra band on your home or car radio, for which you will be charged a monthly fee. A special antenna receivesrepparttar 133393 signals fromrepparttar 133394 satellites, much inrepparttar 133395 same way as a satellite dish receives signals for satellite television viewing. You will then enjoy access to a range of channels, giving you incredible choice over what you listen to whether you are inrepparttar 133396 home or travelling in your car.

What arerepparttar 133397 benefits of satellite radio?

There are a number of benefits to subscribing to satellite radio. You can enjoy far more choice for a start, with a range of channels to select from including commercial-free channels. You can enjoy much better reception whilst driving, and you won’t have to put up with poor quality and static as with AM/FM radio. And you can enjoy these benefits at a low monthly fee, enabling you to enjoy a revolutionized radio experience without breakingrepparttar 133398 bank.

Satellite radio providers: Sirius VS XM

The competition has already started inrepparttar 133399 world of satellite radio, andrepparttar 133400 two main players inrepparttar 133401 field atrepparttar 133402 moment are Sirius and XM. Both of these providers work inrepparttar 133403 same way, offering over one hundred satellite radio stations for one monthly subscription fee. Both offerrepparttar 133404 necessary equipment to enable listeners to enjoy a unique, high quality digital radio experience, and both offer affordable packages.

XM has been around for longer than Sirius, and started broadcasting in September 2001. With over two million subscribers and rising, XM enjoys backing from big names such as General Motors and Honda. Located in Washington DC,repparttar 133405 XM network boasts two geosynchronous satellites along with repeaters in major metro areas.

Sirius is a relatively new player when it comes to satellite radio. Sirius started broadcasting in July 2002, and currently has a customer base of under one million. Located atrepparttar 133406 Rockefeller Center in New York, Sirius has three elliptical-orbit satellites, and does not have a many repeaters as XM radio. Other than this you can enjoyrepparttar 133407 same digital quality and excellent choice with Sirius as you can with XM.

How do you choose between Sirius and XM satellite radio?

The services, packages, and quality of satellite radio from Sirius and XM is very similar, so it can be difficult to choose. The best way to decide on which service will best suit your needs is to look atrepparttar 133408 various satellite radio ratings and make satellite radio comparisons.

Both Sirius and XM will enable you to enjoy high quality digital radio, with a wide choice, some commercial-free channels, parental blocks where necessary, talk radio, news channels, and accessibility withinrepparttar 133409 continental United States. You will find some slight differences in programming, so you may want to take this into consideration, and also read up on a satellite radio review or two before you make your decision.

If you are looking to buy a new vehicle, many now come with satellite radio already installed, so you won’t have to makerepparttar 133410 choice as either Sirius or XM will already be available. It is those with older vehicles or those that want to enjoy satellite radio withinrepparttar 133411 home that need to decide between XM or Sirius radio.

Satellite radio comparisons

The difference betweenrepparttar 133412 two satellite radio providers is minimal, so you could have your work cut out when trying to decide which provider you want to go with. Here are a few ofrepparttar 133413 aspects you can look at:

Building a Document Management Plan Part I

Written by Ray Griffiths

Document imaging is a document management tool which can increase your productivity, reduce your document management costs, provide enhanced document security and assist with compliancy issues. Because document imaging can do so much, yet is so simple to learn and use, you may be tempted to go “on-line” with a system without first developing a plan. Don’t

Oftenrepparttar tendency is to call in several document imaging vendors and have each of them tell you what they think you need. After a lengthy process of each vendor gathering information and presenting a proposal you are not ready to make a decision because:

* The cost is more than you anticipated and there does not seem to be an ROI to justifyrepparttar 133390 system. * The project is overwhelming and your resources to get it done are very thin.

You can eliminaterepparttar 133391 above scenario if you gather some infromationa and put together a plan. Before you contact any vendors you need to resolve a number of issues. This article addresses these issues inrepparttar 133392 form of questions to be answered. Some ofrepparttar 133393 questions will not be relevant to your situation.

The first issues concern fundingrepparttar 133394 project. Ifrepparttar 133395 funds are not going to be available even ifrepparttar 133396 project looks good, there is no need to proceed.

1. Return on Investment (ROI).

· What is company policy requiring an ROI?

· What isrepparttar 133397 standard payback period?

2. Does this project need to be budgeted? 3. Which department’s budget will fundrepparttar 133398 project? 4. Doesrepparttar 133399 department that will fundrepparttar 133400 project have total buy in? 5. What arerepparttar 133401 preconceived costs ofrepparttar 133402 project? 6. Couldrepparttar 133403 price tag on a system be too high even if itrepparttar 133404 ROI meets company standards. 7. At what level canrepparttar 133405 project be approved? 8. Do you haverepparttar 133406 infrastructure to support a document imaging system? 1. If not will that cost be included inrepparttar 133407 cost ofrepparttar 133408 imaging system

The following is a commentary on how companies build their ROI. Accounting is where most companies findrepparttar 133409 best ROI.

A document imaging system in accounts payable will have good ROI if some or all of these conditions exist:

1. There are 5 or more payables clerks 2. They are manually matching checks 3. Invoices have to be approved after they are received. 4. Receivers are being printed and sent to accounting. 5. Some payables become receivables. 6. You process hundreds of invoices every week fromrepparttar 133410 same vendor(s)

Much ofrepparttar 133411 processing in accounts payable can be automated to some degree by using document imaging technology. When you invite consultants or vendors in you need to have an idea what you expect to accomplish to be sure that they are going inrepparttar 133412 right direction. Evaluaterepparttar 133413 process and determine if document imaging will provide a good ROI.

Accounts receivable isrepparttar 133414 best ROI for many companies. Good customer service and reducing outstanding receivables days is a challenge for any organization. Document imaging can be a tremendous help in improving customer service, reducing receivables days as well as reducing bad debt because:

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