Satellite Better Than Cable?

Written by Kate Ivy and Gary Davis

Satellite Better Than Cable?

By Kate Ivy and Gary Davis

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Asrepparttar 138206 war in video entertainment continues, one thing is for sure: satellite television is here to stay.

Whenrepparttar 138207 satellite distributors first began marketing to consumers,repparttar 138208 cable industry didn’t give their new opponent much thought. Dishes were expensive, they were bulky and their program offerings weren’t all that impressive. Cable onrepparttar 138209 other hand had been around for more than a decade and offered a familiar and reliable solution to home entertainment.

But oh how things have changed.

The satellite industry quickly replaced those bulky dishes with sleeker, smaller systems that could be mounted just about anywhere. Prices dropped, programming grew and pretty soon, switching from cable to satellite wasn’t such a far-fetched idea after all.

Today,repparttar 138210 satellite industry enjoys a steady and continued growth in subscribers and services, gradually closingrepparttar 138211 gap in video entertainment market share. Whererepparttar 138212 cable industry has reported an annual growth between 10 to 15 percent, top satellite companies boast a market share increase of just under 30% according to a study from The Media Audit.

Dish Network Company History

Written by Kate Ivy and Gary Davis

Dish Network Company History

By Kate Ivy and Gary Davis

Dish Network Satellite

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Dish Network – The Brains Behind The Dish

Who is DISH Network?

DISH Network isrepparttar 138204 satellite broadcasting brand name of EchoStar Communications Corporation, an international and publicly held company headquartered in Englewood, Colorado.

Humble Beginnings

Established in 1980, EchoStar wasrepparttar 138205 vision of now Chairman and CEO, Charlie Ergen along with his wife, Cantey and friend, James DeFranco. Withrepparttar 138206 company’s focus on customer service and cutting-edge equipment, it wasn’t long before EchoStar quickly began to grow.

In 1986, EchoStar introducedrepparttar 138207 world’s first UHF remote control and just one year later, filed for a Direct Broadcast Satellite (DBS) license withrepparttar 138208 FCC. They were granted that license in 1992. EchoStar soon turned its focus to providing its own DBS service and in 1995, realized that goal withrepparttar 138209 launch of EchoStar I from Xichang, China.

Andrepparttar 138210 DISH Network brand name was born.

DISH Network Today

Ten years and eight satellites later, EchoStar and DISH Network continue to pursue that same groundbreaking leadership that has set them apart fromrepparttar 138211 competition. In 1999, DISH Network unveiledrepparttar 138212 DISH 500,repparttar 138213 world's first and only 500-channel satellite TV system. Just a few months later, DISH Network does it again by releasingrepparttar 138214 new HDTV Satellite TV Receiver in January of 2000. By 2004, DISH Network had becomerepparttar 138215 first satellite TV service to offer local channels to all 50 states as well as Washington, D.C. and it was DISH Network who said thanks to their customers by giving away 1,000 complete high definition television systems.

Today, DISH Network remainsrepparttar 138216 lowest all-digital TV choice in America and most recently, introducedrepparttar 138217 DISH Player-DVR 942,repparttar 138218 first multi-room satellite TV receiver that can record in high definition.

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