Same Sex Marriage: Legislating Morality

Written by Virginia Bola, PsyD

Biologically, a coupling between male and female (with some very rare exceptions like aphids, mites, and some lizards) is required for procreation, critical for survival ofrepparttar species. Onrepparttar 125923 other hand, marriage is a human social contract, historically accepted asrepparttar 125924 optimum means of raising offspring who require years of care before they become independent.

Divine blessing onrepparttar 125925 union is important to many but marriage inrepparttar 125926 eyes of religion is totally separate fromrepparttar 125927 civil contract of marriage itself. It isrepparttar 125928 civil contract which has legal standing for government programs like social security and which can be severed byrepparttar 125929 courts in divorce proceedings. As a social contract between two individuals,repparttar 125930 presumption that one must be male and one must be female is irrelevant.

Marriage is certainly an emotional and legal commitment. Once two individuals makerepparttar 125931 choice that they will spendrepparttar 125932 rest of their lives together, society approvesrepparttar 125933 decision, notwithstandingrepparttar 125934 fact that only half of us will be able to permanently remain in that relationship. It is approved because it is a force for stability and responsibility, both vital if a culture is to thrive.

Most married couples have children; many do not. Child rearing is therefore only one aspect ofrepparttar 125935 state of matrimony, notrepparttar 125936 sole reason for its existence. So whyrepparttar 125937 outcry against same-sex marriage which bringsrepparttar 125938 same forces of stability and responsibility to society as do heterosexual unions?

I suggest thatrepparttar 125939 widespread movement against gay marriage is not really directed at marital vows at all but is a revolt against homosexuality itself. Rather than supporting gays by letting them receive legal sanction for their relationships, we want to punish them. They have stepped outsiderepparttar 125940 bounds of our experience. They make us feel uncomfortable. We see a young man and a girl kissing onrepparttar 125941 street and smile. We see two young men kissing and emotionally recoil. Most heterosexuals cannot understand gays and unconsciously think that there is "something wrong" with them. (Until 20 years ago, homosexuality was listed as a mental disorder!) If men are from Mars and women are from Venus, gays are from another galaxy.

Polling and campaigning made easier using online surveys

Written by Martin Day

Whether campaigning for government, a local chapter or for election torepparttar school council online surveys arerepparttar 125922 easy and effective election tool that will benefit any campaign. Use surveys to discover more aboutrepparttar 125923 electorate, to identifyingrepparttar 125924 issues that really concern them so that each campaign can be tailored to reachrepparttar 125925 hearts and minds ofrepparttar 125926 voters.


For any survey it is important to decide fromrepparttar 125927 beginning whatrepparttar 125928 objective ofrepparttar 125929 survey is and when considering conducting a survey in support of a particular candidate consider ifrepparttar 125930 purpose ofrepparttar 125931 survey is to discover whatrepparttar 125932 ‘issues’ are; or isrepparttar 125933 survey to be used to promoterepparttar 125934 candidates image and policies?

In many cases objectives will be in line withrepparttar 125935 different phases of an election process.


Before campaigning begins a survey is an ideal method to canvassrepparttar 125936 voters and to determine whatrepparttar 125937 important issues are likely to be. To gain a wider response acrossrepparttar 125938 whole political spectrumrepparttar 125939 survey will preferably be conducted through an independent channel so that people’s opinion of a particular candidate does not influencerepparttar 125940 research.

For a political survey it is essential thatrepparttar 125941 demographics of those surveyed are established as different groups are likely to have both common and varied views. With demographic information there is an opportunity to establish whatrepparttar 125942 main issues are by age group, by income and by gender; do people who rent haverepparttar 125943 same concerns as those that own their own homes?

A pre-campaign survey will be able to monitorrepparttar 125944 mood ofrepparttar 125945 voters. Some may, if asked, even indicate who they are likely to vote for in a future election. By listening torepparttar 125946 electorate a campaign can be planned better and will allow printed and oral marketing to be properly targeted atrepparttar 125947 issues that people want addressed.

For candidates that appear out of step withrepparttar 125948 electorate surveys can provide a measure of how much effort will be required, and in what areas, so that people are convinced and change their views.

Campaign survey

During a campaign an online survey is an effective way to market a candidate’s position. Tradition methods of leafleting rely onrepparttar 125949 recipient reading and taking onboardrepparttar 125950 message. Leaflets are a one way marketing effort and more often than not dismissed and discarded along with other ‘junk mail’.

Consider onrepparttar 125951 other hand an online survey that can phrase questions such as:-

Do you support candidate Jones’s pledge to cutrepparttar 125952 budget deficit in half to $250 billion over four years; and to reintroduce budget rules capping spending?

To answer this questionrepparttar 125953 respondent has to engage mentally withrepparttar 125954 survey by reading and then consideringrepparttar 125955 statement before forming an opinion. Becauserepparttar 125956 respondent is able to express their view they are also more likely going to considerrepparttar 125957 argument. An online survey is not only able to deliver an important policy statement but will also allowrepparttar 125958 campaign team to monitorrepparttar 125959 level of support thatrepparttar 125960 candidate has on specific issues.

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