Sales In A Flash!

Written by Dr. Jeffrey Lant

You'll get more out of this article, if you SEE what I'm talking about. So,

1) Go to for a free copy of Macromedia Flash Player 5.0

2) Then view these four flash presentations:

3) Look carefully at your own website.

It's now time to dig into this article.

Marketing Is About Breaking Through The "Blase Barrier": Flash Does Just That

I've asked you to take a good long look at your own website atrepparttar same time you're looking at some ofrepparttar 127472 hottest flash productions created by Worldprofit Design Services for a reason.

Because flash is so new, I knowrepparttar 127473 chances are that you don't currently have flash on your website. When flash didn't exist that didn't matter. Nobody had it. But now it most assuredly does matter. You see, flash has changed repparttar 127474 online marketing game altogether.

As a marketer, I have spentrepparttar 127475 last 25 years of my life working to solve one essential problem: how to break through torepparttar 127476 prospects, getting them to sit up, take notice, and RESPOND!

That's all marketing is ever about. The objective never changes, butrepparttar 127477 means constantly do.

Flash is nowrepparttar 127478 hottest way online of delivering a dramatic, enthralling, captivating, energizing and motivating client-centered message.

When you take a look at a standard, stationary, non-moving website and a site using flash, there's just no comparison. Flash blowsrepparttar 127479 old-time stationary site away.

Think for a minute.

Considerrepparttar 127480 "fighter combat" illustration above.

What will move more people to fill outrepparttar 127481 form and notify advertiser Air Combat Canada that they're interested in taking a wild ride throughrepparttar 127482 wide-blue yonder?

A non-moving site with information?

Or a flash site that picks you up, lifts you off your feet, and engages with your brain to generate a feeling of excitement and action?

There's just no comparison!

But, you say, I sell widgits that are just not as interesting as a 500-mile-per-hour jet flight with dogfight. Is flash for me?

You betcha!

Say you're selling garden tools. You'd think there was nothing less interesting inrepparttar 127483 world than a shovel, a rake and a hoe, right?

Well, flash can take evenrepparttar 127484 most mundane instruments and turn them into an eye-catching, hearting-pounding experience.

Flash can make plants grow right before your eyes!

Can make garden tools becomerepparttar 127485 instruments that moverepparttar 127486 world!

Can turn, in short, a garden-variety experience into IN YOUR FACE BENEFITS AND THRILLING ACTION!

Friend, no stationary site can do that. Period. Not possible!

Flash Is Composed Of Three Elements: Worldprofit Design Services Is The Master Of All Three

Flash is composed of three essential parts:

* copy * music * graphics.

Each one must work to producerepparttar 127487 desired results.

As you may know, I wrote many years ago a book which has becomerepparttar 127488 bible of copywriting. It's called "Cash Copy: How To Offer Your Products And Services So Your Prospects Buy Them.. NOW!" (Details at

This book is based onrepparttar 127489 revolutionary principle that everything you send to a prospect must be about that prospect... not about you.

I have now applied these principles torepparttar 127490 creation of flash presentations. Yes, I write many of them myself. (You can see more of my work at

The point is a flash presentation must be a customer-centered presentation. It must be aboutrepparttar 127491 customer, appeal torepparttar 127492 customer, motivaterepparttar 127493 customer to ACT NOW!

One big advantage of flash is that is gets people engaged, draws them intorepparttar 127494 presentation and so effectively dissolvesrepparttar 127495 usual blase and customer barriers thatrepparttar 127496 prospect is more than happy do what you want: click here for more details, fill out this form providing you with allrepparttar 127497 information you need aboutrepparttar 127498 prospect, even BUY NOW!

Flash without cash copy is like an automobile without wheels: it just won't run. But flash with cash copy is like a projectile sent atrepparttar 127499 speed of light: it's going to crash through prospect barriers and get that prospect to MOVE! (That's one reason why I wanted you to SEE some flash presentations before you read this article and to compare them your current non-flash, non-mobile, completely stationary and unmotivating site.)

-- Music

Did you listen torepparttar 127500 music inrepparttar 127501 flash presentations I asked you to review? Maybe not consciously but your brain and body certainly felt it!

Flash music is a minor art form all its own. But to a marketer, someone inrepparttar 127502 business of motivating people to act, it's most important.

The music, of course, must be allied to bothrepparttar 127503 images andrepparttar 127504 words. It must do its bit to moverepparttar 127505 prospect inrepparttar 127506 desired direction: TO ACT NOW!

It needs to have a beat! Be pulsating! Energizing! Help catchrepparttar 127507 prospect up inrepparttar 127508 experience of what that prospect is watching... while never losing sight ofrepparttar 127509 ultimate objective: GETTING THAT PROSPECT TO ACT.

The flash examples above all use this kind of music. Indeed, such music isrepparttar 127510 hallmark of a Worldprofit flash presentation.

Why are you throwing your money away?

Written by Marc Goldman

Almost everyday without fail, I come across someone onrepparttar internet who drastically underestimatesrepparttar 127471 value of his already existing assets and who simply does not know how to makerepparttar 127472 most money possible inrepparttar 127473 shortest amount of time.

I have always usedrepparttar 127474 power of Joint Venture marketing to create huge profits and win/win situations for everyone involved. However, in my quest for potential strategic partners, I will always run into someone who has a huge mailing/customer list (one ofrepparttar 127475 best possible sources for profitable joint ventures) who finds it more lucrative to charge me $500.00 to $2,000 to advertise to his list. Whatrepparttar 127476 list owner doesn't realize is that instead of charging some exorbitant price for advertising, sending a powerful, personal endorsement letter to his audience hasrepparttar 127477 potential to bring in $100,000 to $300,000 in just a few short days.

The problem lies inrepparttar 127478 fact that most people have never been introduced torepparttar 127479 profit producing power of Joint Ventures. Done correctly, this form of marketing hasrepparttar 127480 potential to produce obscene profits with little or no overhead forrepparttar 127481 parties involved.

Ezine publishers; website owners who receive large, targeted amounts of traffic; and discussion board owners all have huge audiences who have placed a large amount of trust in them. Instead of asking for what seems to be a lot of money in advertising fees, if they took part in a few high quality strategic partnerships by recommending valuable products and services to their audience they would see their profits skyrocket!

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