Sales Appointment - The Dog

Written by Birmingham UK Com

I once found myself in a rough area of town on a business appointment. My directions told me that I was to visit a corner shop and talk torepparttar owner about some new financing forrepparttar 118111 purchase of his property.

Eventually I foundrepparttar 118112 battered shop in a local street known as 'bomb alley'. Litter was all overrepparttar 118113 place and there were at least 3 abandoned cars inrepparttar 118114 road.

I knocked onrepparttar 118115 Corner Shop door, it was after closing time but I had been assured thatrepparttar 118116 occupants would be in. Sure enough I heard scuffling around inside as my customer fumbled with his door keys.

He was a man in his mid 30's, scruffy looking but amiable enough. As he ushered me inside his dog rushed past and made a bee line forrepparttar 118117 living room. The guy was a kind enough soul. First thing he did was offer me a cup of tea.

I got about half way through my presentation before it happened. His dog suddenly shit inrepparttar 118118 corner ofrepparttar 118119 room and then wandered off upstairs. I couldn't believe it. I was horrified. What was worse is thatrepparttar 118120 man didn't appear to be all that concerned. I tried my best to carry on but both he and I were a little uncomfortable from that point. I really began to wish I was someplace else.

Getting Older

Written by Birmingham UK Com

Getting Older

These arerepparttar views of one person. One andrepparttar 118110 same person. The only difference isrepparttar 118111 change of views asrepparttar 118112 person gets older.

Before I leave school - Old people are smelly and weerepparttar 118113 floor at old peoples homes. They are always grumpy and tell you off a lot

Age 21 -35 - Old people are a bloody nuisance. They are so slow and keep getting inrepparttar 118114 way. These old people stand inrepparttar 118115 queue at Tesco's and actually count outrepparttar 118116 pounds and pennies torepparttar 118117 exact amount ofrepparttar 118118 shopping bill. They don't carry credit cards and they are too tight to use their mobile phones which are normally cast offs from their kids which are clunky and analogue with a battery life of 3 hours.

Age 35 - 45 I don't mind old people that much. I have started gettting grey hairs and have become worried about my pension in retirement. My kids are nearly grown up now and I wonder what nursing home they will put me in when I get older?

Age 45 - 65 Things are notrepparttar 118119 same as before. There is no respect forrepparttar 118120 elderly. Elderly people have to put up with young whipper snappers giving them verbal abuse and there is no common courtesy any longer. The government do not support elderly people properly. Elderly people are not appreciated.

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