Saints or Charlatans

Written by Skye Thomas

What'srepparttar difference? How are we supposed to tellrepparttar 122279 difference betweenrepparttar 122280 real healers and those who are selling snake oil? It's a big seller to claim that your work is divinely inspired. Even better, tell them you've gazed intorepparttar 122281 eyes of God and come back to tellrepparttar 122282 tales. Tell them that in Irelandrepparttar 122283 wee folk are still spotted on occasion. It's far off and exotic. They'll believe you. Oh, how we love such tales. Those who have never touchedrepparttar 122284 magic will always hunger for stories to tell them what it's like. How do you know who's stories to believe and who's just spinning yarns?

The answer lies in howrepparttar 122285 divine has affected them. Everyone who truly experiencesrepparttar 122286 sacred is changed forever. Forrepparttar 122287 sake of peace I'll not argue over whether it's God or Buddha or Mohamed or angels or fairies or Mother Nature orrepparttar 122288 Light or whatever name you give that source of divinity. Forrepparttar 122289 sake of my poor fingers typing, I'll shortenrepparttar 122290 concept to Heaven and I don't mean pearly gates and streets of gold. I meanrepparttar 122291 truly divine force behind life, creativity, and magic itself. Everyone who has ever had a real one on one relationship with Heaven has come back with what I callrepparttar 122292 Joan of Arc Complex. It's that saverepparttar 122293 world, helprepparttar 122294 needy, healrepparttar 122295 sick, clean uprepparttar 122296 pollution, free Tibet type mentality.

It has nothing whatsoever to do with any one religion either. Mother Theresa had it. Gandhi had it. Einstein had it. Jesus had it. Buddha had it. The Dali Lama has it. Many of you reading this have it. It's not about being famous or important although that does sometimes occur as a result. None of these people care about being famous or acquiring wealth. Fromrepparttar 122297 time that they were touched by Heaven, they saw a vision and a spiritual purpose that they recognized as being bigger then themselves. They were all merely servants of a divine spirituality. Every single one ofrepparttar 122298 people suffering fromrepparttar 122299 Joan of Arc Complex feels a deep spiritual calling, an obligation to help his fellow man. They were all peacekeepers. They did not require war and battle to change others or to prove themselves. With a quiet calm incredible self-assuredness, they rolled up their sleeves and didrepparttar 122300 work that was spiritually asked of them without concern for their own personal egos. They all have a magical mysterious magnetism about them. They are doingrepparttar 122301 work of Heaven and they do not shy away from saying so.

I've met plenty of real life people that no matter what they're religious beliefs before it happens, once they connect torepparttar 122302 divinity of Heaven, they see a unity of all religions. They are no longer judgmental of such things. They truly understandrepparttar 122303 oneness of all living creatures. They all see how interconnected everything and everyone is. They see how every thought and emotion effectsrepparttar 122304 plants and animals as much as it effects our attitudes towards each other. They say things like, "It's all God, it's all good." Or they'll say, "I seerepparttar 122305 Christ light in you." They all have an open-minded loving nature that transcends everything they do. They have a lightness of spirit about them that makes you want to just sit and be in their presence. They have a quiet knowingness and no longer need to argue or prove their point. They all remind me ofrepparttar 122306 old monks or gurus on top ofrepparttar 122307 mountain of knowledge. They all have a clear vision of who they are and why they are here. They do not apologize for being spiritual nor for being human. They tend to have a sweet childlike sense of humor that never cuts or hurts anyone. They are wise even if not formally educated.

Fairies and Mental Health

Written by Skye Thomas

Schizophrenics hallucinate alternate realities. People who claim to have been abducted by aliens are accused of having Fantasy Prone Personalities. So what about those of us who claim to be conversing with angels, fairies, and spirit guides? Are we nuts? Absolutely yes! If we weren't crazy before we started chatting withrepparttar divine, we soon will be. Justrepparttar 122278 constant questioning of one's sanity can drive a person insane. How do you know if you're really talking to spirits or if you're losing your mind?

Let me start by saying that untilrepparttar 122279 little creatures begin showing themselves as real and 3D touchable as any other critter on earth and do it on a massive worldwide scale so that they're able to be counted and kept track of like anyone else onrepparttar 122280 endangered species list, then you won't ever really know for sure will you? So why don't they? Well that's one of those million dollar questions. As far as I can tell it's a combination of them not actually existing in a physical sense beyondrepparttar 122281 spiritual realm and that they get a certain amount of pleasure in teasing and playfully messing with our minds.

I don't know whatrepparttar 122282 official stance is according torepparttar 122283 Grand PooBah of Psychiatry, but I know that most people who are certifiably insane don't know that they are. The saying goes that if you are capable of questioning your own sanity, then you must not be too far gone yet. Not very reassuring, I know. Are they real or not? That'srepparttar 122284 question you're asking. I could give you one of those psychobabble answers like, "They are as real as you believe them to be." Again, that doesn't really help much.

Here'srepparttar 122285 first question to ask yourself. Do they control you? The reason I ask is because throughout history there have been stories in all religions and cultures of some type of spirits that come to lovingly guide us along our way. So arerepparttar 122286 spirits controlling you and your life or are they guiding and nudging you? If they're pushy and controlling you then there's a higher probability that it's a psychological game you're playing with yourself. "The devil made me do it." That usually means that you don't want to face your secret motivations and so you have created an entity to force you to do things.

If they don't control you and are simply loving guides trying to help out, then do you control them? If you are able to tell them what to do and they are working aroundrepparttar 122287 clock at your beck and call, then chances are you're making them up. Free will is atrepparttar 122288 core of love. Nobody is forced to do anything. If you're able to control when they come and go and what they do or do not do to help you, then you aren't working with separate entities. Angels, fairies, and spirit guides are not our cosmic slaves to be controlled and dictated to. If you can do that, then they aren't real.

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