Sailing Multihulls Part 2: The Disadvantages

Written by Linda Cullum

Disadvantages-- In serious wind and seas, a monohull sailor can, if absolutely exhausted and no longer able to steer, strike all sail, lock all hatches, and go below to wait it out and hope forrepparttar best. A well-found boat will most likely allow this. The boat will roll around like a cork, and even if it rolls 360 degrees it should be ok, as long asrepparttar 141364 mast doesn't break off and put a hole inrepparttar 141365 boat. A Multihull in huge seas, however, must always have a helmsman, or some other way to keeprepparttar 141366 boat pointed intorepparttar 141367 waves. Without this,repparttar 141368 boat will end up inrepparttar 141369 wave troughs, withrepparttar 141370 waves beam on; this is an invitation to capsize. Knowing this,repparttar 141371 ocean going sailor should be prepared with a parachute sea anchor and with attachment points for it onrepparttar 141372 boat that are absolutely bombproof. Properly deployed, a parachute anchor will allow a multihull to ride out a hurricane in near comfort, as it keepsrepparttar 141373 bows pointed intorepparttar 141374 wind and waves and with several hundred feet of line led out torepparttar 141375 sea anchor, there is no jerking or lunging onrepparttar 141376 line. Oncerepparttar 141377 sea anchor is properly set,repparttar 141378 crew can go below and safely wait outrepparttar 141379 storm. This assumes that there are no dangers, such as a landmass or reef systems, lying in wait downwind. Plenty of sea room is needed for these manuevers.

Marinas-- Finding space in a marina for a multihull is not nearly as easy as it is for a monohull. They require either an end space or a double berth, which will likely cost more than a single.

Weight constraints -- Since a multihull sits onrepparttar 141380 water instead of in it, unlike a keel boat,repparttar 141381 payload, or weight carrying capacity ofrepparttar 141382 boat, can not safely be exceeded. A catamaran, with essentially two full boats inrepparttar 141383 water, can carry more weight than a trimaran ofrepparttar 141384 same length, which consists of one full hull and two floats. A 35 foot monohull can carry much more weight in stores and equipment than a 35 foot trimaran, and this is a consideration when provisioning a boat for cruising. The cruiser in a small multihull may find himself reprovisioning alongrepparttar 141385 way more often thanrepparttar 141386 cruiser in a small monohull.

How A Golf Workout Routine Can Crush Your Competitors

Written by Mike Pedersen

A golf workout routine can be as simple as using a pair of hand weights (dumbbells), and doing 5-6 golf-specific exercises in less than 15 minutes. Now I know you have 15 minutes to dramatically improve your game and crush your playing partners and competitors.

So many times golfers think that a golf workout routine is inrepparttar gym, takes 2 hours to do, and will wipe out allrepparttar 141306 energy they have and ultimately hurt their golf game.

How wrong they are!

Yes…I can design a very comprehensive golf workout routine that has up to 20 golf exercises and will take 90 minutes to complete. And I have done that for hundreds of golfers. But what I want to talk about today is getting that belief and thought out of your head.

The equipment required to complete a simple golf workout routine in your home are; a stability ball, exercise tubing, and a pair of hand weights.

That’s it!

You can do dozens of golf-specific exercises withrepparttar 141307 above equipment. But whatever you do, make sure you seek out a qualified golf fitness trainer, who knows golf. That is critical.

There are many “so-called” golf trainers out there, and all they are doing isrepparttar 141308 same “general” exercises…on machines thatrepparttar 141309 average person looking to improve their fitness is doing.

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