Sahib and His Universal Relations

Written by Dr Kedar Joshi

1. Sahib is English (The Master)

2. Sahibís Godfather - German (The Anglo-Saxon Connection)

3. Sahibís Friend - American (As they often go out together to drop bombs)

4. Sahibís rival-cum-enemy - French (Whom Sahibísrepparttar most jealous with)

5. Sahibís Son - Australian (Who is so similar to Sahib)

6. Sahibís Daughter - New Zealander (Whoís Papaís girl)

7. Sahibís Disciple - South African (Whoís learnt racism from Sahib)

8. Sahibís (often mistreated) Brother - Scottish (Whom Sahibís smartly united with)

9. Sahibís Sister - Canadian (Whoís managed to maintain her relationship with Sahib)

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