Safer cell phone use for drivers

Written by Tim Gorman

Cell phones are great for people on-the-go, but talking on your cellular phone while driving can be downright dangerous. The safest choice is to avoid using your phone while driving, but thatís not always possible. Cellular accessories can help make it safer to use your cell phone in your vehicle.

The first choice for hand-free cell phone use is to purchase an earset. These cellular accessories have two main advantages. Compared to a speakerphone,repparttar microphone is closer to your mouth when youíre using an earset. Earsets are alsorepparttar 146393 least expensive cellular accessories for hands-free cell phone use. However, keepingrepparttar 146394 wires from becoming tangled while youíre driving is sometimes problematic.

Speakerphones that plug into your carís cigarette lighter arerepparttar 146395 best choice for people who frequently use their cellular phone while driving. The primary advantage of using a speakerphone is that your hands are completely free. Another benefit is that these cellular accessories also serve as cell phone holders and battery chargers. However, people may have more trouble hearing you sincerepparttar 146396 speakerphone's microphone is typically farther way from your mouth than with an earset.

Sorting through your cellular phone options

Written by Tim Gorman

Some people purchase a cellular phone for emergency use only, but others use their cellular phone on a daily basis as a replacement for their land-line home phone. Withrepparttar number of options available for your cellular phone, findingrepparttar 146392 right phone for your needs can be confusing. However, there are a few basic points to remember that can help you make a more informed purchasing decision.

Battery life is an extremely important consideration when purchasing a cellular phone. Battery life affects how long your phone can last on standby as well as how long youíll be able to talk before you will need to rechargerepparttar 146393 battery. Investing in a second battery for your phone will keep you from missing important calls because of a dead battery.

If youíre planning to use your cellular phone as a replacement for your land-line home phone, signal strength will be a crucial factor in your purchasing decision. You donít want to discover that you canít call for help in an emergency because your cellular phone isnít getting a strong enough signal.

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