Safe Splashing: Basic Water Safety for Families

Written by Sherri Allen

One ofrepparttar best things about summer is enjoying outdoor activities with your family. Adding water to those activities increasesrepparttar 148678 fun, but it increasesrepparttar 148679 danger, too. Fortunately, you and your family can safely enjoy your time atrepparttar 148680 pool, lake and beach if you practice some basic rules of water safety.

Experts fromrepparttar 148681 American Red Cross remind you to follow these safety tips to protect your family and keep them safe in or aroundrepparttar 148682 water:

1. Learn to swim and swim well. One ofrepparttar 148683 best things anyone can do to stay safe in and aroundrepparttar 148684 water is learn to swim. No one, including adults, should ever swim alone. Adults should practice "reach supervision" which means to be within arm's length of a child in case an emergency occurs.

2. Outfit everyone withrepparttar 148685 proper gear. Kids -- and even adults -- who are not strong swimmers should use U.S. Coast Guard approved personal flotation devices (PFDs) whenever they are in or aroundrepparttar 148686 water. This lifesaving lightweight plastic equipment when used properly can help save lives. Everyone, including strong swimmers, should use an approved PFD when boating. Each person should haverepparttar 148687 appropriate PFD for his or her weight and size, which is found clearly marked insiderepparttar 148688 label nearrepparttar 148689 Coast Guard stamp.

A great idea is to make a family day out of learningrepparttar 148690 rules of water safety and shopping for durable safety equipment together at a local pool supply store or mass distributor.

3. Always keep basic lifesaving equipment byrepparttar 148691 residential pool and know how to use it. A first aid kit, cordless phone, phone list with emergency contact information, a reaching pole and a ring buoy with a nylon line attached are recommended. Cordless phones allow you to make that 911 call and to receive calls without leavingrepparttar 148692 area.

Baby Shower Recipes

Written by Randy Wilson

Baby shower recipes are available onrepparttar Internet and in various cook books. It is a great idea to have a wide variety of snacks, drinks, and desserts since people enjoy so many different things. Most people who are planning a baby shower plan a few simple appetizers. Some juice, pop, perhaps a punch, and some desserts such as cake and cookies. Try to stick torepparttar 148615 baby shower theme and basic flavors and your culinary work will be appreciated by all that attend.

There are cook books at your local book store that offer great ideas for baby shower recipes. There are many cook books that guide you through entertaining a variety of occasions, not only baby showers. Some of these parties could be bridal showers, Halloween parties, and holiday entertaining, not just baby shower parties.

One ofrepparttar 148616 tastiest treats at a baby shower is baby shower punch. This type of baby shower punch is quite delicious and always alcohol free. The new or expectant mother would surely like to enjoy some as well! There are many different types of baby shower punch recipes. Some ofrepparttar 148617 most delicious we’ve tried for a baby shower are as simple as orange juice, Sprite, and orange sorbet.

If you do a search onrepparttar 148618 Internet for baby shower punch recipes you are sure to find many baby shower recipes to choose from.

If you prefer, you can always have some white wine or champagne on hand to add to each cup ofrepparttar 148619 punch. Be sure to check withrepparttar 148620 new mom if this is okay with her.

Baby cake is another must-have treat at a baby shower. A baby shower cake can be any sort of cake that you choose, shaped into a baby-type shape. This can be anything really, butrepparttar 148621 most popular shapes for baby showers are bottles, diaper pins, and teddy bears. Chocolate or vanilla arerepparttar 148622 most popular type of cake used to make a baby cake. You can do something a little different though with black forest, angel food, or marble cake for your baby shower.

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