Saddham Hussein: Not Yet Uhuru

Written by Arthur Zulu

So Saddham Hussein--the "sadman of Iraq," murderer, and possessor of weapons of mass destruction--is finally caught like a rat. He was hiding in a "spider hole," in a farm near his hometown of Tikrit, not far from one ofrepparttar palatial palaces that he had built for himself byrepparttar 126007 River Tigris. And everyone is raising a high five and slapping each other's back withrepparttar 126008 misguided belief that they have begun to see light atrepparttar 126009 end ofrepparttar 126010 tunnel.

They say thatrepparttar 126011 road to Jerusalem and in fact to world peace, starts from Baghdad. And now thatrepparttar 126012 erstwhile leader ofrepparttar 126013 "evil regime" has been nabbed, should they not roll outrepparttar 126014 ukulele and begin to celebraterepparttar 126015 end of terrorism, weapons of mass murder, and mass graves? But no--not yet "uhuru," a East African word for freedom. And not yet eureka. Becauserepparttar 126016 worst is still to come.

This isrepparttar 126017 message that I am sending out torepparttar 126018 powers that be with my controversial book, "CHASING SHADOWS!" (A book that revealsrepparttar 126019 terrorists' master plan to finally setrepparttar 126020 world on fire!) So 9/11 may well be a picnic atrepparttar 126021 beach--a tip ofrepparttar 126022 iceberg. Because those very factors that cause terrorism--the political, economic, social, religious, health, and environmental problems bedevilingrepparttar 126023 world--are still present, and there has not been any conscious effort to address them. We are, therefore, chasing shadows--fightingrepparttar 126024 effect instead ofrepparttar 126025 cause,repparttar 126026 symptom and notrepparttar 126027 disease.

According torepparttar 126028 American thinker, George Santayana, "those who cannot rememberrepparttar 126029 past are condemned to repeat it." The fact is that man is short sighted. Neither Saddham Hussein nor Osama bin Laden, isrepparttar 126030 originator of terrorism. This evil has been around for some 6,000 years, and world conditions have been getting worse withrepparttar 126031 passing ofrepparttar 126032 day.

Dictators have existed throughout history. Fromrepparttar 126033 industrialized Europe torepparttar 126034 impoverished Latin Americas. Fromrepparttar 126035 "Banana" republics of Asia torepparttar 126036 "failed states" of Africa. Some have passed on and others have clung on to power for decades. And new ones will emerge.

Let us reason this together. Despiterepparttar 126037 fact that criminals such as murderers, rapists, and robbers have been jailed or givenrepparttar 126038 death penalty, records show that violence has been onrepparttar 126039 increase. Inrepparttar 126040 United States alone, a serious crime is committed onrepparttar 126041 average about every second. That means atrepparttar 126042 end ofrepparttar 126043 6 minutes that it would take you to read this, about 360 persons may have either been robbed, raped, or murdered. Saddening.

The Chinese Bin Laden: The terrorist leader China forgot

Written by Stephen Sullivan

On December 15,repparttar People's Republic of China commenced a series of press releases on "Uygur Terrorism" in which they "publicly" and forrepparttar 126006 "first time" identified Uygur organisations and individuals that they claim to be terrorists.

The Uygur are a Turkic/Muslim ethnic group numbering some 7 million who live mainly inrepparttar 126007 economically and strategically important north western border region known as Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region.

A Caucasian race and speakingrepparttar 126008 Turkic languagerepparttar 126009 Uygur have long harbored sentiments of independence and there were several isolated incidences of violence perpetrated inrepparttar 126010 1990s by individuals or small groups claiming to represent this cause. More realistically todayrepparttar 126011 Uygur generally seek nothing more than greater autonomy and cultural integrity withinrepparttar 126012 PRC

The Chinese have repeatedly claimed that there existed several well organised and active "separatist/ terrorist" organisations whose objective were forrepparttar 126013 Uygur to gain independence from China andrepparttar 126014 establishment ofrepparttar 126015 state of East Turkestan.

They have attributed some 400 terrorist acts to these groups which they claim have resulted in 200 deaths and 400 injured to these groups since 1990.

Onrepparttar 126016 basis of this "organised" and "ongoing" terrorist activityrepparttar 126017 PRC has very heavily cracked down on any form of dissent, rights of association, free speech and religious freedom. Amnesty International, among other groups and commentators, has claimed numerous incidence of unlawful detention, prison sentences and even executions inrepparttar 126018 name ofrepparttar 126019 "War on Terrorism".

It is also claimed, by some who are knowledgeable inrepparttar 126020 "Uygur Question", that like some other states in Central Asia and elsewhere, China have usedrepparttar 126021 events of "9/11" andrepparttar 126022 subsequent "War on Terrorism" to mask ongoing and premeditated attacks on this ethnic group. By bringing their policies concerningrepparttar 126023 Uygur underrepparttar 126024 banner of The "War" they have been successful in achieving their objectives without international scrutiny, and further, in fact,repparttar 126025 likes ofrepparttar 126026 US have turned a "blind eye" to these activities as a trade off for Chinese support.

Amongrepparttar 126027 organisations listed in these series of press releases wasrepparttar 126028 "East Turkestan Islamic Movement" a little known group who had been listed in 2002 as an internationally recognised terrorist organisation byrepparttar 126029 UN as a result of lobbying by China and supported byrepparttar 126030 United States.

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