Written by Irvin L. Rozier


The LORD raises up people for different reasons The Bible records stories of times and seasons Noah, Abraham, Moses, Jonah and Esther are a few Of those that God raised up, his bidding to do How about Stephen, James, John, Peter and Paul To do his work on earth, on them God did call

Brother Daniel was born and lived to record Much about prayer andrepparttar workings ofrepparttar 138661 LORD He wrote that inrepparttar 138662 last days knowledge would increase After he finished chapter 12, God let him rest in peace Malachi was a prophet born to preach and write His four chapters point torepparttar 138663 dawning of a new light

Christian Woman

Written by Bill Naugle

Christian Woman Sarah (spirit of woman)

Do you wantrepparttar Power andrepparttar 138461 Anointing of The Holy Spirit? Do you wantrepparttar 138462 very character that comes fromrepparttar 138463 throne of God.? Women have a special anointing that comes from The Holy Spirit for a very powerful work here on earth. This anointing is revealed inrepparttar 138464 scriptures. The Word of God is powerful and is linked with this Anointing. Seek this anointing and you will find!

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