Written by Pamela Heywood

How do you measure it? Do you just count $$$$ or pounds or whatever your currency is? Obviously that's one goal and, to make enough money to be at least self-sufficient is something we all desire. But there are many other measures: all part ofrepparttar long- term view, which will create a business that will sustain you and your family not only today, but also for many tomorrows.

I'll admit that I'm still not earning quite enough of whatever currency, but I certainly do think it an achievement to have paid my own hefty phone bills and have enough left over forrepparttar 117891 rent forrepparttar 117892 last three months now. Yep, this isrepparttar 117893 first time in two years of online work. I'd hate to work outrepparttar 117894 hourly rate!

I don't want to put anyone off who is new to online business: I do want to impress upon you that results will be neither magic nor instant, but results are possible.

So many people want it to happen overnight. It's partly society and it's partly that they just want to believe -- and when it does not happen, a vast majority will have given up long before I began to see results. You have to have tenacity: be like a dog with a bone. Hang on and keep trying, no matterrepparttar 117895 odds.

I live inrepparttar 117896 remotest valley onrepparttar 117897 north ofrepparttar 117898 island of Tenerife, just offrepparttar 117899 African coast. Besides me and my "technological toy room" that must appear as something from outer space torepparttar 117900 locals -- we had 900 goats and 49 cows onrepparttar 117901 last count. It's like stepping back intorepparttar 117902 19th Century! Which all goes to prove that "workingrepparttar 117903 net" really can be done from absolutely anywhere, by anyone.

The cost of living here is cheap andrepparttar 117904 scenery inspirational: that's "richness" to me in itself. For that, I'll put up withrepparttar 117905 intermittent nature of Internet connections and electrical supplies that make it harder for me that most of you in "civilised locations". But that's what we do this for isn't it? To escaperepparttar 117906 9-5 and allrepparttar 117907 other drudgery and slavery that goes with it. It's a great feeling, but it doesn't come on a plate, unfortunately.

Operating a small business WITHOUT accountants, lawyers etc...

Written by Steve Hartung

The average small business owner inrepparttar United States now spends between 35% and 45% of their time handling justrepparttar 117890 employee related paperwork. The typical small business owner hasrepparttar 117891 burden of running payroll, buying workmans compensation insurance, providing employee health insurance, processing W-2s, tracking and filing all payroll taxes, mailing all forms on time, maintaining compliance with all federal, state and local laws and defending you and your company against workers compensation claims and audits just to name a few!

Usually, a small business owners lawyer is in one city and accountants in another city. Payroll is done by ABC payroll in yet another city. Now small business has to deal with soaring workmans comp., and employee health insurance costs. It's no wonder small businesses fail. And it's fast becoming a trend to NOT start a small business at all. Who can keep up with all this chaos and still earn a measly profit anymore?

Well folks, it'srepparttar 117892 21 century and it's time you started running your small business that way! To continue plodding along without upgrading your business practices will certainly doom your dreams of wealth. Don't believe me? Just continue your daily rut of paperwork and dealing with employee problems and in a year or so compare your business with your competitors who have upgraded and see for yourself who is playing golf all day and who isn't.

So how does one upgrade their small business from wasting time and moneyrepparttar 117893 "old" 20th century way torepparttar 117894 new 21st century way of doing business that wastes zero time and earns you profits beyond your wildest dreams?

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