Written by Dr. JL Scott

While I was growing up my daddy used to tell me, "It's your decision. You have to make it. But be prepared to take responsibility for whatever decision you make."

Yikes! Now, THAT will make a kid stop and think!

Stepping up torepparttar plate to take responsibility is one ofrepparttar 117802 things I look for in those I choose to do business with. There can be no higher ethical standard. In our online businesses, we make decisions every day. Even a small decision can come back and bite us inrepparttar 117803 butt.

We make mistakes. We make thoughtless choices. We sometimes get involved with online programs without thinking aboutrepparttar 117804 repercussions. Stuff happens.

The question isn't whether we're smart enough to avoid all that. We can't. The question is whether we're willing to be accountable when we screw up.

Now, is this about customer service? You bet it is! But it's also about how we deal with other businesses - as well as life itself. And it's about telling - and accepting -repparttar 117805 truth!


Written by Elena Fawkner

Imagine a world where everyone tells it like it is. Rather than as it isn't. Imagine a world where you could not get rich overnight but you could become wealthy over time. Imagine a world where your financial rewards were directly related to how hard you work. Imagine a world where ethical business practices were rewarded by loyal customers and repeat business. Imagine a world where reality was not something that killed a deal but made it. Imagine a world whererepparttar charlatan was seen for what he is and not as someone who hasrepparttar 117801 magic power to release us fromrepparttar 117802 tyranny of effort. Imagine.

Those of us earning a living onrepparttar 117803 Internet recognize its true potential. We also recognizerepparttar 117804 damage caused by those who perpetuaterepparttar 117805 fantasy of another kind of WWW. Wealth Without Work. It just doesn't exist.

If you want to make serious money onrepparttar 117806 Internet then, with a few exceptions, you really need to be involved in network marketing. Many of you reading this article are already involved in one or more network marketing programs. One ofrepparttar 117807 most important objectives (along with selling your product atrepparttar 117808 retail level) is introducing new people torepparttar 117809 business aspects ofrepparttar 117810 program inrepparttar 117811 hope that they will join your network (or downline) of distributors. If they do so, you earn a commission on their sales.

Imagine what would happen if you told it like it is rather than your usual hyped-up promises that you know deep down where it counts are only going to fall flat. Imagine what would happen if you told your prospects that it was probably going to take them a solid six months of work before they even started making money with your program. Nine out of ten would move on, right? Maybe nine point nine would move on. Good! Good? Yes, good! Why do you want to waste your time and effort onrepparttar 117812 nine who are not prepared to do what it takes to make a success of your program? You don't become wealthy by having a lot of people in your downline. You become wealthy by having productive people in your downline. One productive person will always be MUCH more valuable than ANY number of people who never do anything withrepparttar 117813 opportunity before them.

So why not spend your time and effort weeding outrepparttar 117814 tire-kickers? Make people have to QUALIFY for your attention. Force them to make an investment in your opportunity BEFORE you make an investment in them. Protect yourself from people who would only waste your time. How? Your first line of defense is a good gut- check. When people respond to your ad for more information, readrepparttar 117815 literature you make available and say, "Sign Me Up!", qualify them for admission. No, it is NOT enough that they fog a mirror. Remember, you don't get rewarded merely forrepparttar 117816 number of people in your downline. You get rewarded for developing and nurturing a hard-working, PRODUCTIVE downline.

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